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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Meet Lt Praveen Singh Sword of Honour Indian Military Academy

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Lt Praveen Singh Sword Of Honour

In a proud moment for Uttar Pradesh’s Agra district, Lt. Parveen Singh Karde was awarded the coveted Sword of Honour & Gold Medal for standing First in the Order of Merit. Interacting with the media after the parade, Lt. Karde humbly attributed his success to the unwavering support of his parents, who have been a pillar of strength throughout his journey.

Hailing from a family where his father is a businessman and his mother a homemaker, Lt. Karde acknowledged the sacrifices they made to support his dreams. “I made my parents very proud today because it was their hard work since childhood. They are living without me,” he expressed with gratitude.

praveen singh sword of honour indian military academy

Reflecting on his formative years, Lt. Karde recalled his early days of separation from his family at the age of 11, emphasizing the role of his parents, teachers, and instructors in shaping his character and instilling discipline. “Apart from my parents, I am very thankful to my teachers and instructors. I have undergone the training in National Defence Academy and IMA to reach where I am today,” he remarked.

Proudly sharing his future endeavors, Lt. Karde revealed his commission into the esteemed 3 Sikla Infantry, a regiment with a rich history and notable contributions to the Indian Army. “I am proud to be a part of the 3rd Sikh Light Infantry,” he expressed with conviction.

Lt. Karde attributed much of his inspiration to Rashtri Military School, Dhaulpur, where he underwent rigorous curriculum for seven years, laying the foundation for his military career. “My school is Rashtri Military School, Dhaulpur. A child goes there and trains for 7 years for basic military. From there, he joins NDA and then comes to IMA and gets commissioned,” he shared, highlighting the pivotal role of his alma mater in shaping his aspirations.

praveen singh sword of honour
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When asked about his message to aspiring defense personnel, Lt. Karde emphasized the importance of dedication and sincerity in achieving one’s goals. “There is nothing greater than wearing the stars on your shoulders. And to achieve them, you must work hard and be sincere in your efforts,” he advised, encapsulating the essence of his journey.

With a clear mission to serve his country and uphold the honor of his unit, Lt. Parveen Singh Karde stands as a beacon of dedication, determination, and pride, inspiring generations to come with his remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to duty.

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BlogsMeet Lt Praveen Singh Sword of Honour Indian Military Academy
BlogsMeet Lt Praveen Singh Sword of Honour Indian Military Academy
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