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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

11 NDA Ranks & Powers Earned by NDA Cadet

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Every young defense aspirant dreams of the prestigious opportunity to join the National Defence Academy (NDA). Becoming an NDA cadet is not just a phase; it’s a profound life experience. Throughout the rigorous training, each cadet endeavors to give their utmost, striving for excellence in every aspect. Only those who demonstrate exceptional qualities are bestowed with a special appointment, marked by a distinctive badge and title. These badges are to be worn on the different uniforms. Within the confines of the academy, these appointments are commonly referred to as “ranks”.

Let us look at each appointment one by one with details

The 11 ranks received by NDA cadets are as following :

Each cadet after joining the academy gets to wear maroon cadet tab on their shoulders that indicate that they are the cadet of National Defence Academy.

1.) Cadet Corporal

This is the first appointment in the hierarchy. Corporals are expected to set high standards for themselves and their peers, both in terms of performance and conduct. They serve as role models for junior cadets, inspiring them to strive for excellence in all aspects of their training.

cadet shoulder tab

2.) Flag corporal

Flag Corporals play a crucial role in drill practices and ceremonial events conducted within the academy. They provide constructive feedback, offer support and encouragement.

flag corporal

3.) Sergeant

Sergeant in the National Defence Academy (NDA) holds a leadership position among cadets. Responsibilities include supervising and mentoring junior cadets, enforcing discipline.

sergeant national defence academy

4.) Cadet Quarter Master

Cadet Quarter Master is responsible for overseeing the procurement, distribution, managing logistical operations and providing essential support to cadets.

cadet cqm

5.) Cadet Sergeant Major

This is the only rank that is worn on right wrist while all other ranks are worn on shoulder tab. The Cadet Sergeant Major (CSM) is one of the highest-ranking cadet positions within the squadron hierarchy. They serve as a bridge between the cadet body (squadron) and the academy’s leadership, assisting in the implementation of policies and procedures.

cadet csm

6.) Division Cadet Captain

DCC is a senior rank among cadets in National Defence Academy. DCC has lot of powers and is responsible for the overall management and coordination of activities within their division.

nda dcc rank

7.) Squadron Cadet Captain

This is a very powerful rank in the squadron. Each cadet in the squadron is answerable to SCC

nda scc

8.) Battalion Cadet Adjutant

BCA is in charge of entire battalion and each SCC is answerable to him. BCA only answer to Battalion Cadet Captain

nda bca

9.) Battalion Cadet Captain

Each BCA is answerable to Battalion cadet captain. He has control and authority on every squadron under the battalion. This is a very senior nda rank

nda bcc rank

10.) Academy Cadet Adjutant

This is extremely powerful rank and second most senior rank of National Defence Academy. All BCC answer to him and he has control of each and every cadet of national defence academy. It is a very respectful position and cadets often fear being called upon by ACA.

nda aca rank

11.) Academy Cadet Captain

Academy Cadet Captain is the most powerful nda rank and the highest appointment a cadet can get in National Defence Academy. each and every cadet is answerable to him along with all other cadet ranks. Primarily ACA reports to him. ACA is the only cadet who is in direct contact with the Academy Adjutant (not cadet adjutant) who is usually a major rank officer of Indian Army

nda highest rank

NDA ranks or Receiving an appointment during NDA training is a momentous honour. It signifies not only one’s capability to lead but also contributes significantly to their overall merit. The recognition garnered during NDA training is enduring, leaving an indelible mark throughout the cadet’s lifetime. Moreover, it fosters a sense of camaraderie among peers, as they remember and respect each other for the unique ranks and privileges they earned during their time at the academy.

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Blogs11 NDA Ranks & Powers Earned by NDA Cadet
Blogs11 NDA Ranks & Powers Earned by NDA Cadet
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