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Monday, December 11, 2023

Interesting facts about National Defence Academy

Interesting facts about National Defence Academy

The first joint military institution in the world, known as the National Defence Academy (NDA), which trains the cadets for the Army, Navy, and Airforce, has as its motto “Service Before Self.”

Some of you may have the dream of joining this elite academy. It is truly said that NDA is the place where boys are turned into men.

Change in the voice tone, good body structure, few extra inches of height and an overall gentleman personality is more than enough to motivate students.

The moments of fun and pain gets out the best from a youngster. You might have heard the experience of NDA cadets you may know.

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Most Successful Book For NDA Exam

As the academy had always been maintained its high standard as is evident as the NDA alumni include 3 Param Vir Chakra recipients and 12 Ashok Chakra recipients.

The National Defense Academy’s initial logo featured an eagle, an anchor, a sword, and a quill pen to represent the four subjects that Cadets studied at the National War Academy.

The current symbol was chosen in 1948. Maroon serves as both the background colour and a fitting colour for heraldry as well as a representation of valour and sacrifice.

The three Service symbols are stacked on one another to form the crest, which is set on top by the Ashoka Capitol. The eagle is supported by the sword, which is supported by the anchor.

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Here are some interesting facts about the National Defence Academy:

1) For the contribution of the Indian soldiers for Sudan in World war 2, India got donation from Sudan and NDA was built. Therefore, the main building of the academy is known as Sudan Block.

2) The First Course started with a batch of 190 cadets in 1949.  The Passing-out-Parade for 172 cadets was held on December 8, 1950.

3) There are 18 squadrons consisting 100 to 120 cadets each.

4) The three years in the academy consist of six terms and each cadet has to go through camps at the end of each year

5) Camp Greenhorn in the 2nd term, camp Rover in the 4th term and camp Torna in the 6th term.

national defence academy facts
The first batch of lady cadets at National Defence Academy

6) Further, Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian to travel in space was an alumnus of National Defence Academy.

7) Current chief of staff of Army, Navy and Airforce are all NDA alumni.

8) Also, the academy trains candidates from more than 28 friendly nations.

9) “NDA special” is a special holiday train for NDA cadets.The train runs between Delhi and Pune.

10) The cadet’s mess in the academy is Asia’s largest mess.

11) Recently the NDA has open the doors for the females to join the academy.

national defence academy facts

At the entrance of the Dining Hall of NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY Khadakwasla, there is a table set for one, with the chair tilted forward. This table is set for the Armed Forces Personnel who are Prisoners of War and forgotten, in the hope that they will return one day (54 PsOW of the 1971 war have never returned home).The Placard on the table says: “The table set is small, for one, symbolizing the frailty of one prisoner against his oppressors”.

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BlogsInteresting facts about National Defence Academy
BlogsInteresting facts about National Defence Academy


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