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How to Prepare for NDA after 10th Class?

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Can we prepare for NDA after 10th Class? This is usually asked by those candidates who have made their mind for joining National Defence Academy.

Is It Possible to Prepare for NDA after 10th Class?

Yes! If you’re considering joining the National Defence Academy (NDA), you can start preparing right after completing 10th grade. But be aware, you’ll need to approach it systematically since the NDA Maths syllabus covers both 11th and 12th-grade topics.

Take a comfortable seat, as today, we’ll walk you through “how to get started on your NDA journey after moving to 11th grade”

Before that let me tell you that in order to do your best you need to have at least 1 person along with you either your friend, relative or neighbour who is also preparing for NDA. For successful preparation, it helps to have a study partner who’s as disciplined and motivated as you. Keep your group small; no more than three people for your own benefit.

Study Partners to Team Up for Success

One thing that you should make sure is that your partner is as committed as you are to avoid frustration and wasted effort. It should be your goal that you both clear the written together. If you have even a slightest hesitation about this person then don’t go ahead with him, it will cost you all your time and effort. Find a person who is as good as you if not better and only then go ahead. This way you’ll not be frustrated even if he’s not able to catch up with you and if you are the one putting more effort in preparation. it can be that you’re smarter than the other but you’ll honestly be happy and successful in preparation if your friend or group of 3 is equally disciplined and motivated.

prepare nda

Now, you both go to a book store and purchase any one fiction book of your interest say mystery, story, self help etc. Both take a vow together to complete it in two months time.

You may be able to read it in a day or week but you don’t have to do that as you’ll not have much free time in 11th class. “So, I recommend reading it every night before sleep or during your other free time.”

nda after 11th

Improve English Together

At the end of two months you both will tell the entire summary of book to the other person in English in this format.

Why I chose to read this book
What was the storyline and my review
Message I received from the book
About author

This will not only make your English good for NDA written but will be extremely helpful for your SSB Interview too. And don’t worry even if you read a small book or a comic of Tintin, simple stories like secret seven or famous five. What matters is that you will at least begin! If you have never read a fiction before then above are good recommendation to start with.

Additionally you can watch English Comedy too for good grasp in Spoken English.

Continue the same process after 2 months until you reach class 12th

Overview of NDA English in 11th Grade

Now, coming to the NDA English syllabus, these are the topics

Synonyms & Antonyms
Fill in the blanks
Error detection
Selection of words
Ordering of words
Ordering of sentence

Every month take one Sunday to gather together and solve one topic. Practice exercise sets for all these topics are available in Mission NDA book

This is a very solid approach to keep you actively prepared for NDA English and you can easily answer 90% of the NDA English questions in exam.

Second is General Knowledge! Now understand this that unlike English general knowledge is all about knowing and remembering facts! So, you don’t really need to fill your mind in class 11th, clear reason being that you will already have a lot of burden of class 11th syllabus. Hence, remembering GK is of no use in class 11th. it is recommended to begin NDA GK preparation only when you reach class 12th.

NDA Mathematics in 11th Grade

Coming to the most important Paper Mathematics, there are 11 NDA Math topics that are there in class 11th apart from height and distances, which is covered in class 10th. Following are the topics for your reference

Sets, relation & functions, binary system, logarithm
Complex numbers
Quadratic equations & linear inequalities
Sequence and series
Permutation & Combination
Binomial theorem
Conic sections
Trigonometric ratios and equations, properties of triangle
Straight lines
Three dimensional geometry

Further, these 12 topics are covered in class 12th

Cartesian system
Inverse Trigonometry
Graphical representation
Limits, continuity, differentiability
Application of derivatives
Application of integrals
Differential equation
Matrices and Determinants
Probability distribution

How to prepare for NDA Maths in 11th Grade?

First thing is to forget about 12 topics of class 12th. Go along with your school progress

Let us say your first chapter in class 11th begins with relations and function, Understand relations and functions in school but after coming home sit with that friend of yours or your group of 3 and open Relation and functions chapter in MISSION NDA book

The reason you should refer this book is because you prepare level wise and you are approaching basics first, followed by level 1, level 2 and level 3 practice exercises in the order of easy, medium and difficult questions.

Now, what i’m going to tell you is one of the Solid method used in Rashtriya Military Schools.

prepare nda after 10th

Solid Method from Rashtriya Military Schools

You should know that you have only 2.5 hours for 120 questions in NDA Mathematics. This means that you have only 75 seconds to read, solve and mark the answer.

Now, coming to the chapter you have started in school, say relations and functions. When you’re back home get together at a common place with a rough copy, pen and individual Mission NDA books

Any one of you take a lead and go through basics and example questions together for both of you and revise what you have learnt in school. In this process if any one of you is unclear about a topic then ask each other!

Is it still unclear? Search about it and see if you can proceed now.

If it is still unclear then take a halt and mark that topic in your respective books. The next day get that topic completely cleared in your school. Come back home and meet each other again in evening at a common place. Now that you both have got your basics and examples of this chapter clear, it is time to solve level 1 together.

prepare for nda after 11

Strategy for Success in NDA 11th Grade?

How many questions are there in level 1 – say 15! Hence, you have only 18 minutes and 45 seconds as per NDA Standards. Sit separately and keep a stopwatch for 18 minutes and 45 seconds and start solving. Don’t take each others help at this point. Once the time is over, see how many are correct and incorrect. Circle the incorrect ones or the ones you were not able to solve. Cross check each others solution, it will always be a possibility that you have got some question correct which your friend may not have.

Explain this question to your friend selflessly, this will not only make your understanding of topic even more strong but also make a good preparation bonding with your disciplined friend who has chosen to clear written with you.

Now, if there are still circles for few questions then it means you both are unclear about those topics, question. “Go to school the next day and clear them!”

Proceed for level 2 and level 3 in the same approach. It is also important to understand that while solving with NDA Standards you don’t have to solve in a step by step manner. NDA Standards say that scribble and get the answer in shortest possible way.

Following this approach you’ll be completely ready for NDA English and would have covered half of NDA Maths Syllabus. There’s a likely chance that you’ll be able to clear NDA Conducted April even when you have just entered in Class 12th. However you are eligible only from your mid 12th or NDA conducted in September onwards. By then you’ll be able to cover entire syllabus to crack NDA Written

If you find this helpful, share it with someone you’d like to prepare with.

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BlogsHow to Prepare for NDA after 10th Class?
BlogsHow to Prepare for NDA after 10th Class?
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