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NDA exam previous years Cut-off

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NDA Exam Cut-off

NDA exam previous years cut-off. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) National Defence Academy (NDA) examination is a highly sought-after gateway for individuals aspiring to serve their nation by joining the prestigious Indian Armed Forces. As candidates gear up for this challenging examination, understanding the significance of NDA exam cut-offs becomes crucial. In this blog, we will delve into the overview of UPSC NDA exam cut-offs, exploring their relevance, determining factors, and offering valuable insights for aspirants.

Understanding the NDA Exam Cut-Off:

The NDA exam cut-off is the minimum score that candidates must achieve to qualify for the subsequent stages of the selection process. This threshold varies each year and is influenced by several factors, making it essential for aspirants to stay informed and prepared.

nda exam previous years cutoff
Factors Influencing NDA Exam Cut-Offs:

Difficulty Level of the Exam: The complexity of the NDA exam papers plays a pivotal role in determining cut-off scores. A more challenging exam may result in slightly lower cut-offs.

Number of Vacancies: The number of available vacancies in the National Defence Academy for that particular year affects the cut-offs. A higher number of vacancies may lead to a relatively lower cutoff.

Candidate Performance: The overall performance of candidates in the examination influences the cut-offs. If a significant number of candidates perform exceptionally well, the cut-offs may rise.

Previous Year Trends: Analysing trends from previous years can provide insights into the expected cut-offs. However, it’s important to note that cut-offs can vary based on the unique circumstances of each exam cycle.

nda exam previous years cutoff
First Choice Of Every NDA Aspirant
List of previous years cut-off:
Year of ExaminationMinimum MarksOfficial Cut-off
NDA & NA (1) 201530% marks in each subject306
NDA & NA (2) 201525% marks in each subject269
NDA & NA (1) 201625% marks in each subject288
NDA & NA (2) 201620% marks in each subject229
NDA & NA (1) 201725% marks in each subject342
NDA & NA (2) 201725% marks in each subject258
NDA & NA (1) 201825% marks in each subject338
NDA & NA (2) 201825% marks in each subject325
NDA & NA (1) 201925% marks in each subject342
NDA & NA (2) 201925% marks in each subject346
NDA & NA (1) 202025% marks in each subject355
NDA & NA (2) 202025% marks in each subject355
NDA & NA (1) 202125% marks in each subject343
NDA & NA (2) 202125% marks in each subject355
NDA & NA (1) 202225% marks in each subject360
NDA & NA (2) 202220% marks in each subject316
NDA & NA (1) 202325% marks in each subject301

By staying informed about the factors influencing cut-offs and adopting a focused and disciplined approach to preparation, candidates can enhance their chances of success.

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BlogsNDA exam previous years Cut-off
BlogsNDA exam previous years Cut-off
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