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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Final Batch Of Long Range Surface To Air Missile LRSAM Flagged Off And Delivered To Indian Navy

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Final production batch of Long Range Surface to Air Missile LRSAM Barak 8 system, designed and developed by DRDO in collaboration with various industry partners and integrated by BDL, was flagged off on 14 Feb 2021 at DRDL, APJ Abdul Kalam Missile Complex, Hyderabad in the presence of Dr G Satheesh Reddy, Secretary, DDR&D and Chairman DRDO and Rear Admiral V Rajasekhar, VSM Director, Defence Machine Design Establishment (DMDE).

LRSAM is jointly developed by DRDO and IAI Israel to equip latest ships of Indian Navy. This LRSAM Missile system can provide point and area defence against various aerial targets including fighter aircraft, subsonic & supersonic cruise missiles.

Long Range Surface to Air Missile LRSAM Barak 8

The Missile is powered by indigenously developed dual-pulse rocket motor and dual control system to impart required manoeuvrability at the terminal phase. This state of art weapon system is designed with active Radio Frequency (RF) seeker to identify, track, engage and destroy the target with high kill probability. The Range of Missile is 150 km.

Long Range Surface to Air Missile LRSAM Barak 8 system end to end performance has been successfully demonstrated through a number of user flight trials from Indian Naval ships. This weapon system has been successfully productionised and has been delivered to the Indian Navy.

Barak 8 system

Secretary, DDR&D highlighted the importance of indigenous production efforts and complemented the industries that have established the manufacturing facilities and successfully executed the production orders in achieving the goal towards ‘Make in India’. He also commended the efforts of Missile System Quality Assurance Agency (MSQAA), DG (NAI) in streamlining the production activities at various industries across India, leading to delivery of missiles with aerospace quality standards.

Rear Admiral V Rajasekhar, VSM of Indian Navy appreciated the efforts of DRDO for successfully completing the production order and strengthening air defence capability of Indian Navy. He also urged DRDO to design and develop similar advanced weapon systems meeting futuristic warfare.

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