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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Western Air Command IAF – All You Need To Know

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Western Air Command IAF – All You Need To Know

Western Air Command IAF is an important Air Command of the Indian Air Force. Its headquarters is located in New Delhi. It is the largest operational Command of the Indian Air Force. Western Command has 16 operational Airbases operating in the Northern and Western parts of India.

Hindon Air Force Station, the largest Airbase in Asia comes under the operational Command of Western Air Command. The area of responsibility of WAC is Haryana, Punjab, New Delhi, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Western Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir.

Airbases of Western Air Command
1. Siachen Forward Base Unit

Siachen Air Base acts as a lifeline for Soldiers deployed in Siachen Glacier. The HAL Cheetah Helicopters along Army Aviation Helicopters provide Medical and Logistical Support for Siachen Base Camp and Soldiers posted in forward units.

2. Leh Air Force Station

Leh Air Force base is located in the Ladakh region of North India. The 114 Helicopter Unit operating HAL Cheetah and 130 Helicopter Unit operating Mi-17 are stationed in Leh AFS. It supports the Siachen Base and acted as an important Airbase during ongoing aggression at LAC.

3. Srinagar Air Force Station

Srinagar Air Force Station is an important Airbase tasked for Air Defence of Kashmir Region. The legendary Wing Commander Abhinandan’s 51 Squadron is operating from Srinagar AFS. The squadron operations Soviet Union MiG 21 Bison.

MiG 21 Bison

4. Adhampur Air Force Station

Adhampur AFS is a den of MiG 29 Upg Fighters. The Airbase is closely located to the Pakistani Border. No 47 Squadron and No 223 Squadrons operating MiG 29 Upg are stationed at Adhampur AFS.

5. Chandigarh Air Force Station

Chandigarh Airbase acts as a logistical support unit. AN-32, IL-76, Mi-17, and Chinooks are operated from Chandigarh AFS. No 25 Squadron, No 48 Squadron, and 126 Helicopter Unit are operated from this Airbase.

6. Halwara Air Force Station

Halwara AFS is home to two squadrons of SU 30 MKI. It is located in Punjab State. No 220 and No 221 Squadrons of SU 30 MKI are stationed in Halwara AFS. Halwara AFS received Presidential Colours in 2013.

Sukhoi 30 MKI

7. Ambala Air Force Station

Ambala AFS is located in Harayana. No 5 squadron and No 14 Squadrons operating Jaguar Deep Strike Aircraft are stationed at Ambala AFS. The Dassault Rafale No 17 Squadron Golden Arrows is also based at Ambala AFS.

Dassault Rafale

8. Pathankot Air Force Station

Pathankot AFS is located near to Border of Pakistan, making it an important Airbase for Indian Air Force. No 3 Squadron and No 26 Squadrons operating MiG 21 Bison are stationed in Ambala AFS along with No 125 Helicopter Unit operating Apache AH-64E Attack Helicopters.

Apache AH-64E

9. Palam Air Force Station

Palam AFS is located in New Delhi. No 41 Squadron operating Avro and Do-228 Aircraft are stationed at Palam AFS. The Airbase also serves for VIP and Emergency Aircrafts.

10. Sirsa Air Force Station

Sirsa AFS is located in Haryana state. No 21 Squadron Ankush operating SU 30 MKI is stationed at Sirsa AFS. The Airbase also performs as forward Base Support Unit.

11. Sarsawa Air Force Station

Sarsawa AFS is located in Western Uttar Pradesh. No 117 Helicopter Unit operating HAL Dhruv and No 152 Helicopter Unit operating Mi-17 are stationed in Sarsawa AFS. It is one of the strategically located AFS of the Indian Air Force.

12. Hindon Air Force Station

Hindon AFS is located in Outskirts of New Delhi. It is the largest Airbase in the Asia region. The Air Force Day is celebrated at Hindon AFS. No 131 Helicopter Unit operating HAL Cheetah and No 181 Squadron operating Avro Aircraft are stationed at Hindon AFS. No 77 Squadron operating C-130 J Hercules and No 81 Squadron operating C-17 Globemaster are stationed in Hindon AFS.

13. Suratgarh Air Force Station

Suratgarh AFS is located in Rajasthan. No 23 Squadron operating MiG 21 Bison fighter jet is stationed in Suratgarh AFS. It is the only Airbase under Western Air Command located in Rajasthan.

14. Udhampur Air Force Station

Udhampur AFS is located in Jammu and Kashmir. No 132 Helicopter Unit operating HAL Cheetah and No 153 Helicopter Unit operating Mi-17 are stationed in Udhampur AFS. The Indian Army Northern Command is also located at Udhampur.

15. Bhisiana Air force station

Bhisiana Air Force Station is located near Bathinda in Punjab. The DRDO Netra AWACS is operated from the Bhisiana AFS. The Airbase played an important role in Balakot Air Surgical Strikes.

16. Rajasansi Air Force Station

Rajasansi Air Force Station is located in Amritsar. It acts as a Forward Base Support Unit. It is located in the Military enclave of Amritsar International Airport.

Western Air Command IAF has participated in many operations of the Indian Armed Forces. It has participated in 1948, 1962, 1965, 1971, Operation Pawan, Operation Meghdoot and Kargil War. The present Commander of AFS is Air Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari, AVSM, VM.

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BlogsWestern Air Command IAF - All You Need To Know
BlogsWestern Air Command IAF - All You Need To Know
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