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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Recommended In Second Attempt For National Defence Academy

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Recommended In Second Attempt For National Defence Academy

Hello Friends, My name is Sachin Tyagi. I am from Agra, U.P. I have been recommended from 19 SSB Allahabad for NDA 144 Entry. This was my second attempt, I was conferenced out last time from 11 SSB Allahabad for TES 42. After conferenced out in first attempt, mood was upset. But I made a point that I am born for becoming officer. So, I didn’t loose hope. That time I had thought that this time I’ll go for NDA. I prepared for NDA and I cleared written exam. After clearing written exam, I went AFPA NAGPUR for coaching on 5th jan 2020.

My SSB reporting was in 2nd feb 2020, 47 candidates reported. On 3rd jan, screening test held. Firstly OIR test held in which 2 sets of 50 questions were there. I attempted all the question. Then time comes for PPDT in which I wrote a good story, narrated well and good participation in GD. After an hour result announced, 35 out of 47 candidates made their name in second stage.

Om the very same day, there was an interview schedule and my name was on top. I went for interview on the very same day, my interview went for appx. 55 minutes. My interview was good and I was happy with my performance.

Next day in psychological test, I wrote good stories in TAT, completed all WAT, did 47 SRT and wrote SD, which was pre-prepared from home. So, I didn’t take so much time in it.

On the next day, GTO 1 day, I performed good in GD and GPE. I took initiative in PGT and HGT with innovative ideas. I cooperated my team in all tasks and I spoke well with valid points in lecturrete.

On next day, GTO 2, I did 14 obstacles in INDIVIDUAL OBSTACLES and performed well in command task and then in FGT.

On next day there was conference, my conference was so long, it took 15 minutes. I was happy with my performance.

Then we all were waiting for result. 8 out of 35 recommended. We got medical chest numbers and felt happy.

Here are some useful tips which might help you in your preparation and SSB:

PSYCHOLOGY : Practice more stories for TAT and practice WAT for psych test. Be prepared for self description from home, so it will not take time in test. Take pictures from internet and try to make stories. More practice will involve more ideas. Practice is much needed for psych test. Because there is no shortcut for success.

GTO : Read much more, international topics and current affairs which will be helpful in GD and lecturrete. Take initiative in PGT and HGT. Do physical workout daily, so you can do better in individual obstacles.

INTERVIEW : Fill PIQ form carefully and be prepared, mostly questions are asked from PIQ. Keep good knowledge of your subject and topics. Keep knowledge of your family, friends, education and your city. Be prepared for questions from your hobbies and interests.

सोचने से कहां मिलते हैं तमन्नाओं के शहर,

चलना भी जरूरी है मंज़िल पाने के लिए।।




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HeroesRecommended In Second Attempt For National Defence Academy
HeroesRecommended In Second Attempt For National Defence Academy
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