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Thursday, July 18, 2024

In Conversation With Dwarkesh Pandey, Recommended From 19 SSB

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In Conversation With Dwarkesh Pandey, Recommended From 19 SSB

We had a conversation with Dwarkesh Pandey who recently got recommended from 19 SSB through NCC special entry. We discussed about his preparation, NCC days and his personal views on various aspects. We hope this artice will help every aspirant who is preparing to join the Armed Forces.

DDE: Congratulations on getting recommended in first attempt. How did you prepare for SSB?

Dwarkesh: The internet is a means of education about almost everything to almost everyone. I would like to enlist it as a major contributor towards my preparation. From Instagram channels like DDE, ssbcrack etc. to YouTube channels like DDE, SSB Sure Shot, each gave me some valuable advice about the selection process and some general idea about the forces as a whole. Having said that I would also like to include my upbringing which was in a military environment as major contributor while growing up, I was surrounded by all and everything white, blue and olive green.

DDE: What motivated you to join Indian Army?

Dwarkesh: My father, also my role model is a retired JCO from the Indian Navy. He always emphasized (and still does) on living a life where a person earns respect first and foremost and not money. When i was staying in NDA I was in awe and amazed by the kind of life an officer lived, how the cadets were treated and was head-over-heels with the forces.

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DDE: Being an NCC cadet and a sportsman, what role did it play in your life?

Dwarkesh: I joined NCC just for the sheer pleasure of camping. I enjoyed doing outdoor activities and NCC provided me with just the right platform to do so. I am a yachtsman or in layman term a wind sailor. I took part in this activity while in NCC too. This enhanced my skill in sports and also made an active person. While in NCC I have attended 2 national level yachting competitions in which I led team Maharashtra. These were some glorious moments I will never forget.

DDE: How was your SSB interview? Any interesting moments that you would like to share with us?

Dwarkesh: A very honest review – my SSB interview was a disaster. All the tasks I did were largely left incomplete or not up to the mark. The personal interview lasted for an exit 30 minutes. During this course all the interviewer did was grill me and check my breaking point, which to his surprise did never arrive. I just kept my calm, put a smile on my face and braced it through, just like an officer would.

DDE: Did you take any coaching for SSB?

Dwarkesh: I personally did not attend any classes but did go through many videos on the YouTube channels mentioned above. I recommend other aspiring candidates to go through the same. It is an excellent platform and helps comprehensive in-depth information about the 5 day testing process.

DDE: Do you think coaching helps aspirants in SSB?

Dwarkesh: Coaching is very helpful aspect for people who are absolutely clueless about the SSB. I believe in taking cues from all the media available on the internet, this can definitely help people. Not with standing this, I urge people not to go to any classes as such because I think most people upon coming back from a coaching institute start giving out manufactured replies which in turn reflects poorly on their personality. Things should be kept raw, natural and intact for a better assessment.

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DDE: How do you feel before joining the academy and what is your daily routine now?

Dwarkesh: My medicals have concluded and I am waiting for my merit list. I can say that there has been quite a change in my lifestyle recently. I wake up early, do my chores, take household responsibility and help my parents. I believe that the power of communication can win you the world. Every day I look into the mirror and tell myself “You are a salesman first” which implies that the important aspect of my personality have been largely shaped due to my job in the sales field, which involves interacting with people on daily basis and convincing them to take a particular course of action. This soft skill can be any day named as a strength of mine.

DDE: What would be your message to NCC cadets who wants to join Armed Forces?

Dwarkesh: To all the aspiring candidates, my final words would be, you have got what it takes, you have got the mettle for it. Just focus on and express it in whatever form life demands from you. Judge and act upon ever day situation like how an officer would. Lastly, focus on spoken English. Yes, even though SSB allows the usage of Hindi, it is much preferred if your English is fluent and you are able to convey your mind through it.

Wish you all the best!

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HeroesIn Conversation With Dwarkesh Pandey, Recommended From 19 SSB
HeroesIn Conversation With Dwarkesh Pandey, Recommended From 19 SSB
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