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Monday, October 25, 2021

Harpreet Singh, AIR-1 NCC OTA Chennai, Indian Army

Harpreet Singh, AIR-1 NCC OTA Chennai, Indian Army. 

Start Your Preperations

Greetings everyone, I'm Harpreet Singh from Mohali and i've cleared SSB for OTA in my first attempt. I think it's not possible to message every single person out there so i thought of sharing my story through this famed page @defencedirecteducation .

So it started from 10th when i joined AFPI to get into Defence forces but eventually i could not go to NDA and that resulted in me planning for getting into army after graduation. I joined NCC also and attended many renowned camps such as RDC 2015, IMA camp 2015 and many more. 

Talking about the SSB, i would recommend all of you to prepare for each tests seperately. For Stage 1 Testing, i'd recommend RS Aggarwal for intelligence test and make good logical and detailed story for PPDT. For psychological tests,  the basic idea remains the same i.e. To be positive and stick to the stimulus shown to you. Never try to show your qualities by being dominant. Talking about the GTO, being humble and helping in nature is the key and in interview, stay calm and honest as much as possible. They may provoke you many times but that's what they're testing you for. 

This all may only help if you're truly determined to join the forces. I've been working for it from a long time and it's not a midnight success so STAY FOCUSED. 

You can get in touch with me @hapsaini on instagram.


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