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A.K Singh 13 Attempts 2 Recommendations

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A.K Singh 13 Attempts 2 Recommendations

2016-2019 3 Years 13 Attempts 2 Recommendations 1-INDIAN NAVY 1-INDIAN COAST GUARD

Life is unpredictable!!!

Well it’s already 3 years since I started the journey for dissolving into one of the prestigious defence academies of the world-The Indian Naval Academy and later to be ‘DADHI WALA FAUJI’. As I write this I am equally motivated and destroyed at the same time that I now been escalating to moving in new avenues of life to prove my worthiness.

Hello my name is A.K.SINGH , a System Engineer in TCS, hails from Lucknow,U.P. Through this article I would share my peaks and troughs in SSB which is a subset of life. Like many of you aspiring to join defense academy, being a soldier , two stars, stripes on shoulder start your journey right after 10+2 but my story is quite different. I never aspired to be a soldier untill 4th year of B.tech, yes you read it right. It was pre-SSB interview at the college and like every other final year student to get a campus placement , I appeared for the same without discerning the future glimpse. When the final list circulated I searched my name and  to my surprise it wasn’t inked into it .

It was 2nd setback in my career after 1st being rejection from SCRA-RAILWAY waitedlist. So this failure at the college level had impinged me to the core that after coming back from semester exams I used to run for 8-9km playing one song repeatedly for 30-40mins and excogitate of how could I get rejected and my eyes looked list time and again to see if I  mistakenly missed my name.

Then & there I made my mind that I will be absorbed into world of naval academy and these people will be made to Recommend me. I wanted to be the first to get recommend for defense academy from my college but fate favours something other.

College days over , days converted to months, had to taste two screen out from Army, finally I got the call for Navy-Bangalore. I told my mind that this is it!!! I started preparation, be it aptitude,  story writing, Gto videos on  internet , youtube I learnt a lot. Then went for the SSB. New city new place atmosphere was favouring me as I love rain and cold weather. Right from PPDT upto conference everything went according to the planned. Not to forget that my conference lasted for around 15 min. in which couple of s.r.t. were thrown along with some technical and personal question firing at me.Finally my dream of making them to Recommend me over I thought. However it was just the beginning of my fate which was cooking something else for me. Unfortunately I got merit out(very few in navy those days). Well I was happy though couldn’t make because Life is unpredictable.

Left with no choice had to join TCS , down the line I realised being ossified with same routine so again the zeal for defence started biting me from inside and I picked where I left.

2.8 years passed till mid of 2018 with 11 attempts all failure but one. Then the wind again favoured me and it was my turn to turn the table again but this time through Indian Coast Guard.But this time it was tough as everything altered. Let me tell you it’s very hard to prepare while pissing your ass off 9-10 hours in office with arguments negative comments you received from supervisor leads that I am not upto my potential.Well as of now both feared me of resigning in near period. It’s very hard sometimes to work, prepare for defense especially when you throw heart on ‘Someone’ in office whose once glance can make day pleasant. So you find ways to catch glimpse of her which releases oxytocin inside you but all these distractions could not attract me so much because Life is unpredictable.


So coming back,this time I bursted my ass hard devoting my full time for preparation while talking to myself infront of mirror. I cleared PSB. I was on cloud 9 but it’s only the dust that I removed still a more hard battle to be won. I appeared for FSB , was welcomed amazingly by a bunch of good friends with whom I shared almost every joyous and humorous moments. I must say that it’s one of the most cherished moment of my life. Everything went a according to the plan. Conference went smooth and when result announced I was recommended by ICG-NOIDA. However if destinity has planned something good for you then you will not get what you aim for but what you deserve. Unfortunately I was declared medically unfit. So all my dream of Commanding a Ship on blue waters and men on a ship vanished and shattered and my dream of joining INA broke off. But this attempt changed me & my perception for life forever with every minute of my life becomes precious and important. I decided to leave all moh Mayas of life.

Recently I received information that I have cleared UP-PCS PRE 2018 exam but all of this couldn’t suffice those dream of being on ship wearing a white uniform with stripes on shoulder to be called as ‘Son of Poseidon’.

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Well I now cut off from every virtual social platform, limited myself to me only, with feelings of love and emotions relegated and is now changed my avenues in life as all attempts have been exhausted. I dreamt of ruling the blue water but now I am fermenting redefining myself to install the capabilities of handling a complete District or City in near future.Failure, broken, twisted, punched, dragged destroyed still highly encouraged in walking my path to attain new peaks of life. It’s easy for people to say move on but the real burden of pain lies in the heart of failure one. However so many Failures have moulded me to be tough like steel.

All you readers out there one thing I would say to not loose hope as you March in life as without failure there is no taste of successs and must remember one Shlokh from Bhagwadhgita:

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।

मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि॥

In English  read as “Do you work sincerely and Don’t worry about result”

Don’t loose hope keep up the good work, you will achieve zenith of success.

Life is unpredictable!!!2019

Thank you



Soldier from heart and body

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HeroesA.K Singh 13 Attempts 2 Recommendations
HeroesA.K Singh 13 Attempts 2 Recommendations
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