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Monday, December 11, 2023

Indian Navy Entrance test (INET) – New entry for Indian Navy

Indian Navy Entrance test (INET) – New entry for Indian Navy

Indian Navy is expanding at a great speed and over the past few years there has been a craze among youth for joining the prestigious Indian naval academy.  In the context of development as well, there have been notable changes. No doubt that Indian Navy has gained lots of attention over the decade.

Today, we know that a candidate has various opportunities for joining Indian navy as an officer. To begin with we initially have 10+2 Btech entry for male candidates who have passed 10+2. Also we have NDA entrance exams for boys.

Girls however feel unfortunate to not have any entry available at an early age. Though girls do have several options of joining indian navy after graduation such as SSC entries, education, NAIC, law, logistics, pilot, observer.

Boys are fortunate to have an option of joining Indian navy through CDS exams while girls on the other hand have a limited scope and are only eligible for Army (OTA). This seems unfair for girls. Furthermore, In the context of CDS exam boys are eligible only when they hail from science stream. This is a drawback for non-science graduates.

Talking about Indian Air force, candidates have the option to write AFCAT and join Indian Air force through written exams but that’s not the case for Indian Navy.

Just like AFCAT is for Indian Airforce. Indian navy has no universal written exam for a graduate which is solely navy oriented.

Considering all this we received a response from Integrated HQs, Ministry of Defence (Navy) where Hon’ble raksha Mantri gave an approval to “Directorate of Manning Plan and Recruitment” for conducting a written exam for all branches of Indian Navy. Not to mention that even Male & Female diploma holders who have completed their BE/btech will be eligible for this test.

This test will be named INET – (Indian Navy Entrance test). 

Now, reading this many candidates would have been cherishing this new entry and would be even excited to know more about this entry

e.g When will this exam be conducted?

How many times in a year will this be held?

What will be the syllabus and marking scheme?

All of these doubts will be cleared soon after the official announcement of this test by Ministry of Defence. Till then we are thankful to Honb’le raksha mantri for bringing this new entry which will give equal opportunities to both men and women candidates in making their career in Indian Navy.

Stay tuned to DDE for more updates.

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BlogsIndian Navy Entrance test (INET) - New entry for Indian Navy
BlogsIndian Navy Entrance test (INET) - New entry for Indian Navy


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