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Monday, November 28, 2022

Vinayak Patil Recommended For TES – 41 From 32 SSB Kapurthala

Vinayak Patil Recommended For TES – 41 From 32 SSB Kapurthala

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Hello sir,I am Vinayak Patil from Sainik School Satara presently studying in Bagalkot, Karnataka. I got recommended for TES-41 from 32 SSB Kapurthala.

This was my second attempt and in the first attempt I had got conference out. It was from that day I started my preparation, as I was doing engineering I gave specific time for Ssb preparations also. The first thing I kept in mind is to increase self introspection because when we know ourself more the things in ssb get more easier for that I started Writing dairy,by which my English ,art of story making ,quality of thoughts striking my mind improved a lot.
I also used to stand front of mirror and give lectures,motivating talks,etc. Then as the Ssb date came near I started practicing OIR and lecturette. I took help of many youtube videos , sites like DDE and manymore to aquire knowledge .I practiced a few stories ,words, srt because more pratice leads to putting down preconceived thoughts.

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As my reporting was at 6 am in morning I saw a huge crowd of around 332 students at the centre. At first the docs were checked and then we moved for our testing . My all the tests went well and as usual  a fish market was also created but the thing there to keep in mind is not to shout and try to initiate the discussion and give some points in between.
After the screening ,40 got in and we filled the docs.

The next day was psychology day . Here the thing to keep in mind is to provide exact Details in the stories we write.
In short they want organising with content. That’s it . In wat write the first thought and in srt practical reponse .
In my case i did 12 stories ,59 wat and 36 srt.

Next day was gto day and my all tests went well ,I participated well in all the things and gave out maximum ideas in PGT ,HGT
Our IO, lecturatte,ct , fgt were conducted the next day and they too went quite well for me. I was given a tough bomb task and the gto was putting a lot of time pressure on me But I completed it within time.

My interview was on 3  day ,I was asked three CIQ’S and technical questions, current affairs,choice of regiment ,etc . I answered them all and went good .
Finally on the conference day our batch conference went quite long. In my case i was asked about the tests, rating the grp members,quality of food ,stay,etc.
At atound 4:30pm  an officer came and told us guess the results ,a guy started guessing and his first two guesses were correct and third was mine the Officer smiled and called me out to decorate me with the plus.
Finally the medicals proceeded and I am declared medically fit.

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HeroesVinayak Patil Recommended For TES - 41 From 32 SSB Kapurthala
HeroesVinayak Patil Recommended For TES - 41 From 32 SSB Kapurthala


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