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Thursday, July 18, 2024

About newly inducted Dhanush Howitzer and more!

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About newly inducted Dhanush Howitzer and more!

Hey Aspirants!

Good News!

Today, Indian Army recieved first batch of Dhanush Howitzer .

What makes this news so important is how artillery can change the face of the war.

“God is on the side of best artillery” – Napoleon Bonaparte

“Artillery is god of war” – Joseph Stalin

Let’s take a look at some interesting and useful facts about the gun.
  • The Dhanush is a 155 mm towed howitzer.
  • The design is based on the Bofors Haubits FH77 which India acquired in the 1980s. It was developed to deliver new Howitzers to the Indian Army as quickly as possible.
  • The 155 mm x 45 Calibre artillery was manufactured by the Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur.
  • The gun completed development trials in 2018 and was approved for series production in 2019.
  • Specification:
  • VARIANT : A vehicle mounted variant of the gun called Mounted Gun System was showcased by OFB at the Defexpo 2018 show. The gun is mounted on a 8×8 Tatra truck license manufactured by BEML and has a 30 km/h cross country speed and 80 km/h road speed.

You must be wondering what howitzer is actually. The information below will clear that for you.

What is a howitzer?

A howitzer is a type of artillery piece characterized by a relatively short barrel and the use of comparatively small propellant charges to propel projectiles over relatively high trajectories, with a steep angle of descent.

Basically, if you know what a mortar is then howitzer is just a bigger mortar, with a lower angle, longer range and higher damage.

A mortar fires at an angle greater than 45 degrees which is ideal when enemy is very close. A howitzer allows you to fire at angles even lesser than 45 degrees.

A group of howitzers is referred to as batteries.

A few other howitzers:

US M198

DRDO Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System(ATAGS)

This gun DRDO has developed from scratch.

M777 light howitzer is US made and India inducted its first batch of M777 in Nov 2018. Basically, these have some advantages over Dhanush so they will be closer to the border.

I hope you liked the post and found it informative.

Do leave your suggestions in comment box.

Jai Hind !


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BlogsAbout newly inducted Dhanush Howitzer and more!
BlogsAbout newly inducted Dhanush Howitzer and more!
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