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Thursday, July 18, 2024

All You Want To Know About The National Security Guard (NSG)

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All You Want To Know About The National Security Guard (NSG)


Hello aspirants.

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In today’s write up we are going to discuss the Black Cats the National Security Guards of India.

We are going to cover all the facts and everything that an aspirant must know about this deadly force of the country.

Facts about National Security Guards

  • The National Security Guard is an Indian Special Forces unit under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).
  • It was raised in the year 1984, following the Operation Blue Star and the assassination of Indira Gandhi.
  • The main aim behind its raising was for combating terrorist activities with a view to protecting states against internal disturbances.
  • The motto of NSG is “Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha”, which means Omnipresent Omnipotent security.
  • The NSG is modeled on Germany’s GSG 9.
  • Currently, the force has 7,350 active personnel.
  • The Headquarters of NSG is at New Delhi.
  • The NSG is headed by the Director General, the Current Director General of NSG is Sudeep Lakhtakia.
  • The NSG is often referred to as the Black Cats reason being the Black uniform and the black cat insignia worn by them.
  • The NSG has  two divisions:
  1. Special Action Group (SAG):
  • This force is drawn out from the Indian Army which conducts spec ops and rescue ops.
  • The SAG is the main offensive or the strike wing of the NSG.
  • There are two SAGs- 51 Special Action Group and 52 Special Action Group.
  • Both the SAG units are tasked for counter-terrorism and counter hijack operations.
  • The smallest subunit of SAG is called a “hit”.
  • A hit comprises of two buddies and a technical support member.
  • Four hits make a team; the team is headed by a Captain.
  • The team size may vary between 50 and 90 NSG personnel.
  • Each SAG is headed by an officer of Rank Colonel of Indian Army on deputation as Group Commander.
  1. Special Ranger Group (SRG):
  • This force is drawn out from the Central Armed Police Force which handles VIP security etcetera.
  • NSG has three SRGs, 11 SRG 12 SRG, and 13 SRG, each having strength of 900 all ranks.
  •  SRG operations are to be deployed for guarding high-risk VIPs/VVIPs.
  • SRG is headed by an officer of Rank of Commandant.


Missions by the National Security Guards


Ever since its inception in 1984, the NSG has conducted several successful operations in the country and protect the country from the evil elements.

The NSG is trained to conduct counterterrorism and prevent:

  • Counter hijacking tasks on land, sea, and air.
  • Bomb Disposal.
  • Search, detection, and neutralization of IED’s.
  • Post Blast Investigation.
  • Hostage Rescue Missions.

Some of the significant operations by the NSG are given as below:

  • Operation Black Thunder
  • Operation Ashwamedha
  • Combat missions in Jammu and Kashmir valley
  • Operation Vajra Shakti
  • Operation Black Tornado


Ranks in NSG



Director General (equivalent to Lt. General)

Additional Director General (equivalent to Lt. General)

Inspector General (equivalent to Major General)

                                            Deputy Inspector General (equivalent to Brigadier)

Group Commander (equivalent to Colonel)

Squadron Commander (equivalent to Lt. Colonel)

Team Commander (equivalent to Major/Captain)



Assistant Commander Grade I (Subedar Major)

Assistant Commander Grade II (Subedar)

Assistant Commander Grade III (Naib Subedar)



Ranger Grade I

Ranger Grade II

Combatised Tradesmen


I hope that you have definitely got a lot of facts to add up to your knowledge of NSG.

For more stuff stay tuned to DDE.


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BlogsAll You Want To Know About The National Security Guard (NSG)
BlogsAll You Want To Know About The National Security Guard (NSG)
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