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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

top 5 radar with the Indian armed forces

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Top 5 radars with Indian armed forces


Hello aspirants,

Radar is crucial for detection of enemy planes or missile and is therefore essential for the aspirant to know how it functions and remember some of the vital radar systems with the Indian armed forces. This post is also essential for all the SSC(TECH) entry aspirants who hails from electronics background and questions will be tossed in the interview.

So, let's begin!
  1. The ROHINI [central acquisition radar (3D-CAR)]
  • The central acquisition radar (3D-CAR) is a 3D radar developed by DRDO for use of tracking 150 targets al long distance.

  • There are two variant of 3D-CAR radar namely- ROHINI and REVATHI

  • The ROHINI is the Indian Air Force specific variant, whereas the REVATHI is for the Indian Navy.

  • A third variant, known as the 3D Tactical Control Radar is developed for the Indian Army.

  • It is a medium range radar with surveillance range of more than 180km and covers an elevation of 18km.

  • Capable of detecting low-altitude targets, and also supersonic aircraft flying at over Mach 3 speed

  1. The Swordfish [long range tracking radar]
  • The Swordfish is an Indian active electronically scanned array (AESA) long-range tracking radar specifically developed to counter ballistic missile threat.

  • The radar has a range of 600-800 km and is capable of spotting small objects also.

  • Upgradation of this radar is in the process by the DRDO to increase its range.

  1. The INDRA
  • INDRA is an acronym for Indian Doppler Radar and is series of 2D radars developed by India's DRDO for the Army and Air Force.

  • The INDRA-I is mobile surveillance radar for low-level target detection while the INDRA-II is for ground controlled interception of targets.

  • The INDRA II radar uses pulse compression for detection of low flying aircraft in heavy ground clutter with high range resolution and ECCM capabilities.

  • The radar produced by Bharat Electronics Limited and is used by Indian Air Force and Army.

  • The range of the radar is 90km with vertical coverage of 30-3000m.

  1. The Rajendra
  • This radar is a passive electronically scanned array radar developed by the DRDO.

  • It is a multifunction radar, capable of surveillance, tracking and engaging low radar cross-section targets.

  • It is the heart of the Akash surface-to-air missile system and is the primary fire control sensor for an Akash battery.

  • This radar uses 3D target detection along with multi-target tracking and multiple missile guidance.

  • Capable of distinguishing between hostile and friendly targets, automatically track up to 64 targets.

  • Three hundred sixty degrees rotation at a moderate speed allows it to perform 360-degree surveillance.


  1. The Swathi Weapon Locating Radar (WLR)
  • Swati is mobile artillery locating phased array radar developed by India.

  • This counter-battery radar is designed to detect and track incoming artillery and rocket fire to determine the point of origin for Counter-battery fire.

  • This radar has a range of 40km depending on the incoming target, i.e. missile, mortar.

  • Capable of covering elevation of -5°-75° with accuracy.


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Blogstop 5 radar with the Indian armed forces
Blogstop 5 radar with the Indian armed forces
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