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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Do you know about Navy war room leak case

Do you know about Navy war room leak case 

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India has one of the most powerful defence forces in the world. And besides that the Stockholm international peace research institute also ranked India fifth in terms of the defence expenditure. Also it is prospering well in terms of the research and the new equipments made by the DRDO and ISRO. But what is making the growth of Indian defence slow. When we talk about these factors, the list of scams and cases also come to view. One such scam is is the Navy war room leak case which every defence aspirant needs to know.


Lt. Commander Ravi Shankaran is the prime culprit in the "Naval war room spy scandal". In this case, the accused leaked a number of documents stolen from the Navy war room to Thales, the maker of Scorpene submarines enabling them to clinch a Euro 3 Billion Submarine Deal with the Indian Navy.

The case came to light in 2005 when the Air Force Intelligence put a Air Defence Directorate officer under surveillance. The IAF then recovered a pen drive that contained information about India’s naval and maritime plans for the next 20 years from the residence of Wing Commander SL Surve. The CBI took over the case in 2006. The agency named naval officers Rathore and Kalra in the second chargesheet.

But he was able to evade the CBI, Interpol and the UK government as well. Then in 2010, he voluntarily surrendered in London. The CBI with the help of the UK Government started exploring the option to de-port Shankaran as his passport has been cancelled by the Indian Government.

In March 2013, the court cleared the way for Shankaran’s extradition to India. He challenged the decision, and in April, 2014, the England and Wales High Court upheld his appeal, observing that the CBI evidence was “doubtful”, and that the pace of the trial in India was so slow, the other accused took six years to secure bail. 

BlogsDo you know about Navy war room leak case
BlogsDo you know about Navy war room leak case


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