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Monday, November 28, 2022

Different Type of Leaders

Different type of leaders

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On the other day, when i visited a wild life santuary, we were lucky enough to click a picture of a Lion with its family. That visit made me think about how we find lions, tigers, and cheetahs among us almost every day. Every leader has his distinct style of working. But there are certain things within us which are relatable to them. We all term the Lion as the King of the Jungle. That's only because of its nature and valour.

Not everyone is born a leader. The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible. So, do you know what kind of leader is within you? Not sure about it? Don't worry, take a break, sit calm and stick on to this post. Let's see which basket you belong to. Whether it is a lion, a Cheetah or a Tiger.

The Lion

The very first thing which strikes us about the lion is its majestic looks. Lions are symbols of strength and courage and have been celebrated throughout history for these qualities. Its robust body and the elegant name exhibit tremendous royalty. But they never hunt. The females in the pride tend to do the majority of the hunting and the lion eats first.
Many Leaders are like lions. Their strong personality and the tactile mindset leaves many people in awe. They're not the one to do the work. They impose it on their mates. They have the brains that run the joint and profound wisdom enough to rule a jungle.

The Tiger







Tigers always believe in a concept of one man army while it marches for a hunt. But it prefers to be with its family otherwise. When they hunt, they stalk their prey keenly and gradually sneaks up on it. They know very well that which company is not doing well and when the iron is hot for the perfect strike! Similarly, the ones who have the characteristics of a tiger, keep look out for the competition. Such people know exactly what to do when and have clear planning. Uncertainty bewilders them. Their ability to find a solution when others can't make them one amongst the finest.

The Cheetah

Although we never find a cheetah in a Coalition but its speed is breathtaking. Like a tiger, it is loner but has different set of capabilities. Leaders who want to move ahead very fast and always will to put in the effort to get the speed, belong to this category. Such people do not work very well with teams. If the necessity arises, they will do their work on their own. It is easy to snatch away their winnings, just the way Hynas take a cheetah’s prey away.

Conclusion: Your personality always defines your way of conduct. It's better to remark your first impression in public by having a sound personality and royal thoughts. No one other than you know about your personality. Its just a matter of belief within yourselves which is required. You'll grab the impression by stunning them by your behaviour no matter what kind of person you are dealing with.

BlogsDifferent Type of Leaders
BlogsDifferent Type of Leaders


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