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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

China’s cabbage strategy in south china sea

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China’s cabbage strategy in south china sea and implications for India

Beijing constructing artificial island in south china sea.

In early Jan 2018, Philippines expressed displeasure over the construction of airbase on a manmade island in south china sea by China.

Besides Philippines, similar content was expressed by other maritime neighbours of China.

It is pertinent to know

  1. Most importantly what is cabbage strategy?
  2. Besides How china is using it to expand its maritime boundaries in south china sea?
  3. How growing China’s presence in south china sea will adversely impact India’s interests in the region.

China’s cabbage strategy

Also called ‘Salami-Slicing’ strategy.

Likewise a particular area surrounded by multiple security layers to deny access to other nations .

Therefore the area is then claimed subsequently.

China is using it against India,Japan, Bhutan,Philippines,Malaysia,Brunei.

The relevance of south china sea for India

Region is vital to India’s growing energy needs. Most importantly, India’s trade through Malacca Strait and south china sea has been steadily increasing.

Besides that because of  RCEP with ASEAN+ nations trade volume is expected to go up.

India’s steps to counter china

In 2015, Japan included in malabar naval exercise between India and US. Therefore Inclusion of Japan will help India in increasing its military presence in South china sea.

QUAD Group – on sidelines of ASEAN summit in 2017 India, Japan, USA, Australia held the first meeting of QUAD.

Most Importantly these 4 nations expected to contain China’s aggression in the region.

Therefore, the biggest challenge before Indian policymakers is how to protect country’s interest in south china sea without disturbing cordial relations with China .

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BlogsChina's cabbage strategy in south china sea
BlogsChina's cabbage strategy in south china sea
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