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Saturday, June 15, 2024

List of Individual Obstacles in SSB GTO

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List of Individual Obstacles in SSB GTO



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Individual obstacles:

• As the name suggests, in this every obstacle is tackled by the candidates individually. It is a stage given to candidates to check the Physical and Mental Toughness of the candidates.

• It is the one of the Ground Tests usually happens on the second day of SSB. However, depending on testing schedule and the weather, it can also be done on third day of SSB Interview.

• The candidates has to go over a course of 10 obstacles during the time of 3 minutes. The number of obstacles denote two things

  ✓ The serial numbers.

  ✓ The marks you score, if you do it successfully 

• The ten Individual Obstacles carry a total of 55 marks and you are at liberty to attempt obstacles in your own order.

• The successful way of doing it is the exact way the GTO has explained it to the candidates but then the repetition is allowed/possible only if you have completed all the 10 obstacles successfully.

• The main motive of the candidates should be to score maximum marks possible in the allotted 3 minute


Objectives of Individual Obstacles:


The GTO assess the following qualities in a candidates through the Individual Obstacles-

• Physical and Mental Toughness of the candidates.

• Boldness & Determination of the candidates.

• Courage and Confidence of the candidates.

• Organising Ability and Agility of the candidates.


Rules and Procedure of the Individual Obstacles:



The rules and procedure of the Individual Obstacles are given as follows-

• You will be given 01 minute to go around the obstacles and arrange the sequence which you would like to follow (making a plan in mind).

• There are 10 obstacles and you have 03 minutes to complete the obstacles.

• Always start with the obstacles carrying more points.

• Don’t worry about time, it runs very fast when you are performing obstacles.

• You shouldn’t but in case you get stuck at any obstacle then don’t waste time trying to do it, go for next obstacle as per your plan and come back in last for this obstacle you were not able to do.

• Never hesitate in taking a leap or jumping in double ditch (Its cowardliness).

• Don’t get confused or it will become mess on ground.

• Don’t worry how much others did in your group, concentrate on what you going to do in your chance.

• Don’t take stupid shortcut, like trying to climb the Burma Bridge obstacle via rope, it takes more time that way.

• Once you complete the entire obstacles before time, then you are at liberty to repeat as you can add to your score.

• You are not supposed to see the obstacles when someone else is performing the obstacles.


Points to Remember during Individual Obstacles:


The important points to remember by the candidates during Individual Obstacles are given as follows-

• Do not try to do it serially.

• Plan your course in such a manner that in one unhesitating, uncompressed sense, you do all the ten first.

• Sometime, in certain boards, you find that the obstacle are placed in cluster of 2-3. So you plan in such a manner, that you do certain clusters first. 

• If your feel that there is a certain obstacle that is difficult for you, try and do it successfully so that there is one thing less to worry about and also because you can repeat the course only, when you have successfully completed the whole courses. If you keep it for the last may be due to exhaustion, you may not be able to complete it and hence even if you have time, you may not be able to repeat. 

• Show urgency and a sense of purpose in your effort. 

• Plan your course in such a way that the GTO go to impression as such and also that you know, what you are doing.  

• A confused person is one who gets lost on the  course.

• Do not hesitate on heights or pits. There is a lot of difference in being cautions and showing cautions. If a follow shows or exhibit caution in doing something it is but natural, but if he is always cautious in something, his courage is suspect. 

• Do not walk away from the course, till your time is up.


Here is the list of Obstacles at SSB: 


01. Single Ramp 

In Single Ramp, you have to run over a ramp and jump on to the sand pit. 


02. Double Barrel

In Double Barrel, there are two barrel placed one after the other. You have to run and jump over the barrel.


03. Balancing Beam

In Balancing Beam, there are two to three wooden beam in a zig-zag form. You have to climb from one side and walk to the other end without falling. 


04. Screen Jump

In Screen Jump, you have to come running from a distance over the ramp and over the screen without touching it.


05. Burma Bridge:

lt consists of two fixed ropes parallel to each other. Both the sides have ladder to climb up and get down. You have to climb from one end, walk across to other end and get down. 


06. Tarzan Swing

In Tarzan Swing, you have to climb a platform using ladder. Once you climb the platform, a rope will be handed over to you. You have to hold the rope then take a swing and land on the ground beyond a particular point. 


07. Double Platform Jump

In Double Platform Jump, there are two wooden platform. You have to climb the first one using ladder then jump to the shorter platform and the finally jump on the ground. 


08. Double Ditch

In Double Ditch, there are two ditches. There is a rope hanging in the middle of the first ditch. You to run from a distance, jump and hold the rope and land on the other side of the ditch. Again take another jump to cross the second ditch. 


09. Commando Walk

In Commando Walk, you have to climb the platform using ladder then walk to the other side of the platform and get down using ladder. 


10. Tiger Leap

In Tiger Leap, you have to climb up to a wooden platform, take a leap and hold the rope and come down.       


I hope the article was helpful for all the defence aspirants, if you have any doubt at all.

Please leave a comment to help you in least possible time!!


⚔ Jai Hind ⚔


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BlogsList of Individual Obstacles in SSB GTO
BlogsList of Individual Obstacles in SSB GTO
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