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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Indian defence developments and deals Of Year 2018

Indian defence developments and deals Of Year 2018

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The knowledge of Defence developments and deals is very important in the point of view of SSB. The year 2018 was a very significant year for Indian defence.


With the allocation of ₹359,000 crore for the development in Indian armed forces, India has made its place among the top 5 defence spenders in the world. So let's have a look at the major defence deals and spendings of India in 2018.

  • S-400 missiles deal with Russia

           The S-400 is one of the most sophisticated surface-to-air defence systems in the world. It has a range of 400km (248 miles) and can shoot down up to 80 targets                                   simultaneously, aiming two missiles at each one. India and Russia signed the $5.43 billion deal in October 2018.

  • INS Arihant completes deterrence patrol

           With Arihant successfully completing its patrol, India now has a dependable nuclear triad. A nuclear triad means that the country now has the capability of firing nuclear                         weapons from land, air and sea.

  • COMCASA agreement

           India and the United States have signed the Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA). India will now be able to access high end secured and                       encrypted communication equipments that are installed on American platforms.

  • K9 Vajra and M-777 howitzers artillery guns inducted

           The Indian Army inducted M777 American ultra-light howitzers, K9 Vajra and a composite gun tractor. This artillery modernization took place after three decades when the                     Bofors were inducted in 1987.

  • Successful test of Prithvi interceptor missile

           Its mission was aimed at test-firing of interceptor missile of coast of Odisha to intercept an incoming ballistic missile off the Bay of Bengal. With this, Defence Research and                   Development Organization achieved major milestone in developing indigenous two-layer Ballistic Missile Defence system.

  • Tejas' mid-air refuelling

           The first ever mid-air refuelling of the indigenously developed light combat aircraft Tejas was successfully carried out in September this year. 1,900 kg of fuel was transferred                 from the mid-air refuelling tanker of IAF's IL78 to the Tejas LSP8 at an altitude of 20,000 feet.

  • Successful test of MPATGM

           DRDO conducted first successful trials of indigenously developed third generation Man Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM).

  • DAC approves procurement of 155 mm Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Systems

           Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) approved procurement of 150 indigenously designed and developed 155 mm Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Systems for Indian Army.                     Defence Research and Development Organisation has indigenously designed and developed these guns.

BlogsIndian defence developments and deals Of Year 2018
BlogsIndian defence developments and deals Of Year 2018


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