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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Prasun Dutta – Navy 10+2 (B.Tech) Entry

Prasun Dutta

Recommended in First attempt From Navy 10+2 (B.Tech) Entry














Hello, I am Prasun Dutta, got recommended on my first attempt for Navy 10+2 (Technical Entry)…

To all those defence aspirants and all buddies who are fascinated by defence well, u must have this wonderful experience of SSB….it’s special in its own way…I ended up making a lot of new friends.

The room stays with those mates…was incredible , not only this how to tackle situations when working with group friendlies,.
A wonderful interview experience…is the best part of this SSB….where I got to know my own personalities..it was an altogether awesome experience.

Most importantly no matter what the result turned out for me…I enjoyed myself out there!!!

Let me start from my screening day of my SSB. A total of 230 candidates arrived at the centre and out of which finally 30 got screened in. The screening consisted of the OIR test and the Story Making a test. The main focus of selection goes into the Second test as it shows how confident you are about your story and can u express it or not. So a key part to clear the screening.
After screening everyone happiness was short lived as now their real test was about to begin for the next 4 days.. .

The 2nd day started with Psychology test. It is recommended for everyone to write positive stories which need some practice at home.

The 3rd day was our Group tasks. The point for clearing group tasks is no matter what happens..it’s better to enjoy yourself out there automatically u will end up expressing urself positively out there. My personal experience with individual obstacles and group obstacles wasn’t too well but then at the end of the day I can’t do much about it…so looked forward towards the coming day.

The 4th day was my interview. Well, I didn’t prepare anything for it. As the interview is based on your personality it can’t be prepared rather it might end up making one person nervous. So for me, it went moderate and from interviewers expression, it’s hard to make out how it went!!

The last day was the conference day. I held my nerves and attended it. Every officer was in their full dress and sometimes makes a person feel a bit uncomfortable. But then it ended up quite quickly …and then comes the moment…the result came out and a total of 6 people got selected.

At the end of the experience, I would just like to mention. It is a must have experience as it is worth enjoying yourself out there and learning a lot in those 5 days.
Best of luck to all the future defence aspirants!!



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HeroesPrasun Dutta - Navy 10+2 (B.Tech) Entry
HeroesPrasun Dutta - Navy 10+2 (B.Tech) Entry


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