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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Recent Topics asked in the SSB Lecturette

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Recent Topics asked in the SSB Lecturette

Many among you must have Services Selection Board interviews in the coming days or in the coming months. So, this blog is entirely focused on the what lecturette is and what could be the possible topics that you will be getting in your lecturette for the SSB’s.

What is a Lecturette?

A  Lecturette is basically a task that is given to you during your 3rd day of the SSB interview. This particular task falls under the category of the Group Testing (GT). In this particular task all the candidates of a group (normally 6-12 candidates) are made to sit in a semi-circular fashion based on their chest number order while the GTO officer sits behind the candidates to observe the test. The GTO have a number of Lecturette cards, each card have 4 topics. The candidates are called one by one to choose their lecturette card at random.

Once they select their card they have to choose one topic out of the four topics in the card, they have to think of the topic for about 3 minutes and after 3 minutes the candidate has to deliver a speech on that particular topic and represent to the group as a leader.

At exactly 2.30 minutes the GTO signals the candidates about last 30 seconds, by the help of bell, which simply gives the candidate an idea that now they have to conclude their topics.


Why Lecturette?

The sole aim of the lecturette is to evaluate a candidate that how he/she will address a group of people regarding any particular topic. In the long run once you become an officer there would be situations where you have to brief your juniors as well as seniors. Candidate thereforemust exude confidence while he deliver his briefing, it should be to the point and with correct facts because one single flaw in Armed forces could lead to disastrous outcome. Thus in a lecturette a candidate should be confident and expressive to his fellows.

List of recent Lecturette topics asked in different SSB’s:
1 AFSB Dehradun :
  • Reforms in UN security council
  • India: a global R &D destination
  • Police Duties
  • National Integration, Television, Mercy Killing
  • Justice delayed is justice denied
  • Influence of western culture
  • New technologies in India, Nuclear power
  • Chinese goods impact on India
  • ISIS
  • Role of India in united nation
  • Nasalism, Digital Sector, Instagram, Indo Myanmar relations
  • Election commission
  • Global Warming
  • Make in India
  • Sex Education, MNC, Organ Donation
  • Division of states
  • Is consumer still a king?
  • Love marriage or arrange marriage
  • Power and Politics


SSB Prayagraj :
  • Reservation system, Western education vs traditional education
  • India’s role in world forum
  • Evolution in telecommunication
  • Child labor  
  • Fundamental rights 
  • Industrialization
  • Jallilkattu
  • Organic farming
  • Cybercrime
  • How to improve sports in India
  • Paid media
  • Indo-China relationships, ISRO vs NASA
  • Internal situation of Pakistan
  • Indian Economy
  • Training in Armed Forces
  • Dowry system, Role of NGO, Senior citizens
  • Indigenization, Capital Punishment, Child Labour, Gambling
  • Child labour
  • Women Empowerment
  • Sign language
  • Indo-China relations
  • ISRO
  • Defense budget
  • Higher education in India
  • Medical Science
  • 3G Mobile Communication
  • Juvenile crime
  • Land requisition bill, e commerce, Aadhar Card
  • Modernization
  • Falling value of Indian rupee in context to dollar
  • FDI in defence  
  • Brahmos
  • India-Srilanka ties
  • Yoga
  • Population – Merits and demerits
  • Reservations system
  • CPEC, Sex Education, Honor Killing in
  • Sponsorship in sports
  • Mobile phones


SSB Bangalore :
  • WTO, Social Network, Tax Reform and My Best Friend
  • Indian Democracy – Is it a force or flawed
  • Uses of technology in agriculture sector
  • Student Union
  • ISRO
  • Terrorism and infiltration.
  • Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan
  • Cosmetic-a new rage, Privacy, Genetically modified food, Fav Sportsperson
  • Electronic devices
  • Internal problems between Indo Pak
  • Tourism in India
  • Development of rural areas in India
  • RTE
  • Secularism, Nuclear Proliferation, Subsidies
  • Indian Foreign Policy
  • Internet- curse or boon
  • Poverty Eradication
  • Cross border terrorism, Strategic importance of Indian Ocean.
  • Coastal security
  • Cyber Security, Brain drain, Family planning, Internet necessary evil, China secret threats against India
  • Cyber bullying 
  • Organ trafficking
  • India’s stand on terrorism
  • Higher education in India
  • West Asia Crisis
  • South China Sea Dispute
  • Biotechnology
  • Brahmos/Montreal protocol/COP21/my greatest achievement.
  • India’s foreign relation, DRDO, Junk food, Constitutional reforms
  • World Trade Organization, United Nations role in global Development


SSB Bhopal :
  • Operating System
  • Optical fiber, Women cricket world cup , Juvenile crime, Modern automobile  
  • Dynastic Politics
  • Cybercrime, Sports in India, Social media
  • Swatch Bharat
  • India – A Giant Country Awaken
  • Coalition politics, Extra-terrestrial life, Meeting energy crisis in India
  • Metro railway
  • Impact of Globalisation on Indian economy
  • Superiority of RUSSIA AND USA in world and the rising competition
  • Dynamic politics
  • Election system in India
  • Should India break its diplomatic ties with Pakistan
  • Fav cricketer
  • Cause of poverty in India  
  • US-CHN relations
  • INS AGRANI Coimbatore
  • Women in combat role
  • Criminalsation in politics
  • Tourism in India
  • Impact of cinema on youth
  • Distance Education
  • Global Warming
  • Why china is biggest threat to India
  • Doping in sports
  • Ills of democracy
  • Rural development and ethical hacking


Topics from other SSB, AFSB and NSB :
  • Women as Fighter Pilots in Indain Air Force
  • Indo China relation
  • Women in present society
  • Sports in India
  • Indo-Russian relationship
  • Effects of social media
  • Boarding School
  • IT industry
  • Kashmir
  • Bigger states vs Smaller states
  • Importance of E-Commerce
  • Corruption in politics
  • Present situation of Indian judiciary system
  • Do religious institution promote religious discrimination!?
  • Hardwork or intelligence
  • Dynastic politics
  • Alquaida 
  • Importance of international organisations
  • China becoming an economic super power
  • Daily Soaps
  • Illiteracy
  • Disposal of nuclear waste
  • Contribution of Gandhi
  • Nuclear energy
  • Medical transcription
  • Khelo India

NOTE: These lecturette topic may or may not be likely to repeat in your upcoming SSB’s. These are only based on the experiences of the aspirants who recently gone through SSB’s at various selction centres. 



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BlogsRecent Topics asked in the SSB Lecturette
BlogsRecent Topics asked in the SSB Lecturette
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