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Monday, November 28, 2022

Akash Negi – 11 SSB Allahabad

Akash Negi

Recommended in First attempt from 11 SSB Allahabad

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Hello I am Akash Negi, tes 40 recommend AIR -4 from 11ssb Allahabad. Got recommend in my first attempt ,from 11ssb Allahabad and was passionated to join army from childhood as coming from army background,I had decided to join army as an officer so did hardwork in 12 the class ,and was able clear tes40 cut off, then  I worked harder for SSB took help of all the facility of net and cleared my ssb in which 6 got recommend out off 248.

I had a very good experience of my SSB, my SSB started from 14 aug and it was very competitive felling as total 248 student candidate were there, groups were divided and I was in the second group and through my group five got screen in then we were given our new chest number and I got chest number 3 and it was the start of a amazing experience, my second day started with a psychology and I was much confident psychology as I had done very much practice of writing skills and had done all the sets of psychology from every websites and books ,so I attempted all 60 wat 58 SRT and 12 pictures and gave a good self description, then the next day started with GTO and my group was a very supportive group to each other so we had a very decent group discussion, good progressive group task but still the group planning was not done in a good way after that GTO gave us command task , and I was called by my 6 members of group out of 10 and after that I got my command task which was little tougher Compared to others

Then last day was of the conference, and in my conference was of 30 seconds, in which my experience was asked in 5 sentences and at last result was announced in which I was only one selected from my group and 3 were previously recommend and 2 were freshers.


HeroesAkash Negi - 11 SSB Allahabad
HeroesAkash Negi - 11 SSB Allahabad


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