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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Ajay patidar – 32 SSB Kapurthala

Ajay Patidar – 32 SSB Kapurthala

Recommended from 32 SSB kapurthala

Hello myself Ajay Patidar from Ratlam MP I got recommended from 32 SSB Kapurthala in my third and final chance .
Joining defence was my dream from childhood as my father and uncle was also a part of this organisation and I also studied rashtriya military school where the main aim of cadet’s is to join nda so I started my preparation from the starting only.

while persuing class 12 my 75 % focus was towards nda only and I cleared written exam but in my first SSB in 21 ssb Bhopal I was conference out ..and after that hardly 20 days were left for my CBSE class 12th exam in that time I was not able to prepare well for my CBSE and my result was not so good I got only 68% .after that I took  admission in medicaps University for bca course and  side by side I  was preparing for second chance of nda I  prepared  well took guidance from my seniors and  this time focus was only on  nda studies I don’t know what is happening in my college studies . With a good preparation I went for my second SSB in 20  SSB bhopal but unfortunately got screened out

I introspected my weaknesses  now I was left with two more nda chance and my college semester exam was also round the corners  but some how I managed and  got passing marks and started preparing for third nda exam this time my nda paper was not so good so I was not able to clear the exam  ..I felt bad as I worked hard  for nda and  didn’t get a result and also I was failed in 2 subjects of college exam …

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Now it was the last and final chance of mine which will fetch me to my dream (nda) I never lose hope with full dedication and hard work I prepared for my written exam and this time I cleared for my SSB I got guidance from many seniors everyday I practiced about the SSB procedure and sent pdf to my seniors they helped me and showed me the right direction and made me realise my mistakes
I prepared well gave my last SSB confidently performed well in every task and got recommended from 32 SSB Kapurthala ✌️✌️✌️

HeroesAjay patidar - 32 SSB Kapurthala
HeroesAjay patidar - 32 SSB Kapurthala


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