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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Rachit Mittal recommended from AFSB Mysore & SSB Allahabad

Rachit Mittal

Recommended from 2 AFSB Mysore and 34 SSB Allahabad














Today I am going to share my story with you of my recommendations after a lot of hard work and a lot of patience.

I myself cannot believe that now I am going to be a part of Indian defence. It was really difficult for me to clear SSB without any military or defence background in my complete family. But it is well said that hard work always pays and that’s the thing which gives me the power to keep patience and as a result, I got recommended two times. First from 2 AFSB Mysore and second from 34 SSB Allahabad.

After scoring a good percentage in class 12th since I was always better in studies I joined the Delhi University Hansraj College taking admission in BSC Hons computer science. It was my dream to join NDA since class 10 and I started preparing for it by reading newspapers and magazines GK and improving my history as well as Geography since I was very weak in social science. I wasn’t able to make out in NDA in my first two attempts but I successfully cleared it in my third attempt that is NDA 141 that held in April 2018 since I knew that I will lack in my general studies exam only so I did a lot of hard work along with my class 12th boards and was successfully able to clear the written examination and got my SSB call in August for Air Force.

Then I prepare for my SSB all myself because when I read about the SSB procedure at SSB crack website I came to know about SSB and came to know that SSB is all about personality and personality cannot be developed within 2 or 3 weeks so taking a coaching for SSB is of no worth so I started preparing for SSB on my own and started working on my personality by watching different videos on YouTube and practising interview by sitting in front of mirror talking with my friends family and relatives to know my weaknesses as well as my strength and finally I went for my SSB.

Over there my screening was really good I spoke well and my story became the group story. There were many things that I wasn’t able to answer in my interview and after my interview, I thought that now I will be fired but I didn’t lose hope and give my best in the GTO  although I got fever before my GTO then also give my 100% and performed well.

Finally the day of the conference arrived and my heart was like ready to pump out when my chest number that is chest  number 65 was called out I was just clapping out like it was some another chap who has been recommended but when my adjacent candidate told me that it’s your chest number only I was in a shock for 10 seconds that yes finally the day has come and I will be joining my dream college.

And then I went for TES 40 and clearing it was my cup of tea it was a bit easier for me since my confidence level was above the Mount Everest and I was pretty sure that I would be recommended and I was finally given the plus chest number in Allahabad also.

At last, I would only say that never lose hope. Always dream and Dream high and if you have high dreams and a lot of courage in yourself along with confidence then nobody is there in this world is going to stop you. The only competition you have is yourself if you have won on yourself then you can never lose anything. So remember always “ Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits”
Thank you!

Thank you Rachit for sharing your story.

(Story shared via Rachit)


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HeroesRachit Mittal recommended from AFSB Mysore & SSB Allahabad
HeroesRachit Mittal recommended from AFSB Mysore & SSB Allahabad


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