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Monday, May 27, 2024

AFCAT 1 2018 Questions [Memory Based]

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AFCAT 1 2018 GK Questions

G.K Questions (Based on memory) as submitted by aspirants are:

1 ) Taskhent Agreement 1965 Tashkent Agreement , (Jan. 10, 1966), accord signed by  India’s   prime minister   Lal Bahadur Shastri (who died the next day) and  Pakistan’s  president Ayub Khan, ending the 17-day war between Pakistan and India of August–September 1965.

2 ) INC (indian national congress) Indian National Congress was founded on 28th december 1885 in Mumbai 

3) umarahs Group of officers collectively known as umarahs were Nobles

4) Vasco D gama Vasco Da Gama, a Portuguese sailor became the first European to land in India on 17 May 1498 when he landed on the shores of Calicut in Kerala with four vessels.

5) Largest building in Mohenjodaro In 1950, Sir Mortimer Wheeler identified one large building in Mohenjo-daro as a ” Great Granary “. Certain wall-divisions in its massive wooden superstructure appeared to be grain storage-bays, complete with air-ducts to dry the grain.

6) Asean Games  New Delhi, the national capital of India, has hosted the Asian Games on two occasions: the inaugural  1951 Asian Games  and the  1982 Asian Games .

7) 1st Modern olympics The Athens 1896 Summer Olympic  Games (April 6-15) marked the birth of the  Modern Olympics.

8) Pugilist  Term pugilist is related to the game of boxing 

9) Kidambi srikanth Kidambi Srikanth won four Super Series title of 2017

10) French colony  Dadar & Nagar Haveli were under French colonial rule till 1954.

11)  NATO headquarters NATO Headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium.

12) Chipko movement  Chipko movement is related to the term ” DEFORESTRATION”

13) salal dam salal dam is on CHENAB river

14) Hardness of mineral  Hardness of mineral is measured on Mohs scale

15) Vaduz Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein

16) Countries in ASIA There are 48 countries in ASIA

17) 1st American Artificial Satellite Explorer 1  was the first satellite of the United States

18) Tropic of cancer In India  Tropic of Cancer passes through  8 States

19)  Hurdles in 400m race There are  ten  evenly-spaced hurdles in 400m race

20)  Ferdinand Magellan Ferdinand Magellan is the 1st person to sail around the world

21) Anju Bobby George  Anju Bobby george has the record of highest long jump (women) 

22) India Divided Book was written by Dr Rajendra Prasad

23) Theyyem Dance Theyyem Dance is the ritual dance of Kerela

24) Anemometer Measures the speed of winds

Are there any questions that you remember? Don’t Forget to comment below and share it with others Also, if you were not able to give the online exams CLICK HERE or visit AFCAT cell 

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BlogsAFCAT 1 2018 Questions
BlogsAFCAT 1 2018 Questions
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