National Defence Academy (NDA) Prayer, Pledge and Honour Code

national defence academy prayer

Read National Defence Academy (NDA) prayer, pledge and honour code. Three formative years at the academy instill in the cadets a sense of intense belonging, bonding and feelings of oneness with the alma-mater. Breaking bread and training together engender the spirit of camaraderie which in the ultimate analysis forms the bedrock of inter-services co-operation in times to come. Herein are sown the seeds of ‘Jointmanship’, the new mantra of coordinated inter-services strategy.

The cadet during his sojourn at the NDA holds many a thing close to his heart. By merging his identity with others, he gains the solace of a herd, the power of a team and the leverage of a group. This attribute of solidarity stands him in good stead during testing times and crunch situations.

Below is the NDA Prayer, Cadet’s Pledge and The Academy Honour Code which will certainly motivate you to achieve your goal.

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The NDA Prayer:

O God, help us to keep ourselves physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight, that in doing our duty to Thee and our country we may keep the honour of the Services untarnished.

Strengthen us to guard our country from external aggression and internal disorders. Awaken our admiration for honest dealing and clean thinking, and guide us to choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.

Kindle our hearts with fellowship for our comrades at arms and with loyalty to the men we command. Endow us with the courage which is born of the love of what is noble and which knows no compromise or retreat when truth and right are in peril.

Grant us new opportunities of service to Thee, to our country and to the men we lead, and ever help us to place such service before self.

The Cadet’s Pledge:
  • I dedicate myself to the task of upholding the ideals that have gone into the making of this great institution of which I am a proud member.
  • I reiterate my firm commitment to the values and virtues that form the very basis of the corps of cadets and also the Armed Forces of India.
  • I promise to be fully dedicated to all aspects of my training here and also to adhere, at all times, to a code of conduct, befitting my future role as an officer and a gentleman in the service of the Nation. To that end, I shall not lie, cheat or steal and it will be my earnest endeavour to be sincere, hardworking and scrupulously fair.
  • I earnestly pray that I may not falter in the pursuit of my goal and, in moments of doubt, be guided by my illustrious predecessors whose example shall be my beacon.

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Academy Honour Code:

“I believe that a cadet must be loyal,
truthful, trustworthy, honest and
forthright under all circumstances.
I will not lie, cheat or steal, nor will I
mislead or deceive any one.
I undertake to faithfully live up to this
code and to continuously encourage
my comrades to do so”.