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Thursday, July 18, 2024

50 Important GK questions for CDS 2024 exam

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Important GK Questions For CDS 2024

50 important GK questions for CDS 2024 exam. The Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam is a gateway for those aspiring to serve their nation with honor and pride. To do well in this exam, you must have a strong hold in general knowledge. In this blog, we’ve made a list of 50 important GK questions that talk about different things you might need to know for the CDS exam. Let’s get started with getting ready for the CDS exam.

1) When we eat something we like, our mouth waters. This is actually not water but fluid secreted from? : Salivary glands

2) Most of the communication satellites today are placed in a geostationary orbit. In order to stay over the same spot on the Earth, a geostationary satellite has to be directly above the? : Equator

3) Which medieval ruler introduced the ‘Taccavi’ (farm loan) for rehabilitation following a disastrous famine? : Muhammad bin Tughlaq 

4) Chaitra 1 of the national calendar based on the Saka Era corresponds to which one of the following dates of the Gregorian calendar in a normal year of 365 days? : 22 March (or 21st March)

5) The Two Nation Theory was propounded in which session of the Muslim League? : Lahore Session, 1940

important gk questions cds 2024

6) Water is a good coolant and is used to cool the engines of cars, buses, trucks, etc. It is because water has a? : High specific heat

7) Insects that can transmit diseases to human are referred to as? : Vectors

8) In scuba-diving, while ascending towards the water surface, there is a danger of bursting the lungs. It is because of? : Boyle’s law

9) The national motto of India, ‘Satyameva Jayate’ inscribed below the Emblem of India is taken from? : Mundaka Upanishad

10) ‘El Nino’ associated with the formation of the South West Monsoon of India is? : An abnormally warm ocean current

11) The Judges of a High Court are appointed by? : The President of India

12) In India, in the wake of a natural disaster like cyclone, floods, or earthquake, the execution of relief work is essentially the responsibility of? : The Union Government

13) Buddhism was first brought to Sri Lanka during the reign of which ruler? : Ashoka

14) The Upanishads were translated by Dara Shikoh in Persian under the title of? : Sirr-e-Akbar (The Great Secret)

15) Which one among the following water bodies separates the Andaman Islands from Nicobar Islands? : 10o Channel

16) Annie Besant formed the Home Rule League in India based on the pattern of Home Rule Movement in? : Ireland

17) During the process of respiration in human beings, the exchange of gases takes place in? : Alveoli

18) A plant leaf appears to be green because it? : It reflects green light

19) In which region of India is the tropical rain forest found? : Western Ghats of South India

20) The religion of early Vedic Aryans was primarily of? : Worship of nature and Yajnas

21) Consider the following statements:

A. It is a battle fought between the Peshwa forces andthe British in 1818.

B. The British army comprised mainly of Dalit soldiers and fought against the upper caste-dominated Peshwa army.

C. The victory pillar also known as Ranstambh was erected in the commemoration of this battle.

The above statements most appropriately explaining which battle of India’s Modern history? : Bhima-Koregaon Battle

22) With reference to the ‘Battle of Saraighat’ consider the following statements:

A. The battle was fought between Ahoms and Mughals.

B. The battle was fought on the banks of river Brahmaputra.

C. The Mughals were represented by the forces of Aurangzeb.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct? : A and B are correct

23) During which reign Nadir Shah not only invaded India but also imprisoned the Mughal Emperor and looted Delhi? : Mohd. Shah Rangeela

24) “There was only one genuine extremist in India and that was Mr. Tilak”
Who made this remark in context with Bal Gangadhar Tilak? : Edwin Montague

25) Which coastal region was the main trading point of the Portuguese? : Malabar coast

cds 2024 important questions
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26) The princely state under the British rule that had been granted a gun salute by the British Crown was known as by which of the following name? : Salute state

27) Which Indian territory was formerly known as ‘Black Water’ before Independence? : Andaman and Nicobar Islands

28) Who was affectionately called The Grand Old Man of India? : Dadabhai Naoroji

29) What was the capital of French colony in India? : Puducherry

30) Which is the least dense planet in our solar system? : Saturn

31) What is the reduction in the size of the wind blown particles due to their mutual friction called? : Attrition

32) The Bom Di La Pass is located in which Indian State? : Arunachal Pradesh 

33) Which mountain pass is located between Nilgiri Hills in the north and Anaimalai Hills in the south? : Pal Ghat

34) Directive Principles are just like ‘a cheque on bank payable at the convenience of the bank’. Who among the following said this? : Prof. K T Shah

35) What is the minimum number of sessions of Lok Sabha to be held in an year? : Two

gk questions cds 2024

36) Which amendment made it compulsory for the president to give his assent to a Constitutional Amendment Bill? : 24th Amendment, 1971

37) Who constitutes the Finance Commission of India? : President

38) Which of the following is true about nuclear waste?

A. It can be kept underwater permanently for its safe storage.

B. It does not decay for a long time

Select the correct statement? : Statement B is correct

39) Because of which of the following gases our eyes itch, burn, water and it also lowers our resistance to cold and pneumonia? : Ozone

40) Harvesting season of Kharif crop in India is? : September, October

41) Which orbital will have lower energy if two orbitals have the same value of (n+l)? : Orbital with lower value of n

important questions cds 2024
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42) What is used in welding broken pieces of iron rails and machine parts? : Aluminium powder

43) The force between charged particles is called as? : Electromagnetic force

44) What happens to the velocity of a heavy body when it undergoes an elastic collision in one dimension with a very light body at rest? : it keeps on moving with the same velocity

45) 1 horsepower = approximately _____ watts? : 746 watts

46) What is the nature of image formed by a convex mirror when the object is placed at infinity? : Virtual and erect

47) The rate at which RBI purchases or rediscounts bills of exchange of commercial banks is called? : Bank rate

48) Deficit financing means the government borrows money from the? : Reserve Bank of India

49) Which phenomenon is responsible for the trade winds? : Convection

50) The cells which are colsely associated and interacting with guard cells are  called : Subsidiary cells

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Blogs50 Important GK questions for CDS 2024 exam
Blogs50 Important GK questions for CDS 2024 exam
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