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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Policy of Hair Beard and turbans in IAF

Policy of Hair Beard and turbans in IAF

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Ever wondered about the policy of hair beard and turbans in IAF?

Sikh personnel who wear turban and keep beard at the time of commissioning/enrollment would continue to do so. These personnel must maintain the beard neatly dressed/tied and rolled and not kept flowing. They are to wear the turban while in uniform/civil dress whether inside or outside the camp except during PT/Games and activities related to operations where wearing of turban is not feasible.

Policy of Hair Beard and turbans in IAF

Muslim personnel who have grown beard after joining service should shave off the beard. Under no circumstances, a Muslim person who had beard at the time of joining service before 01 Jan 2002 shall be allowed to maintain beard without moustache. Moustache would be a part of the beard.

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Non Sikh personnel Non sikh personnel are not permitted to keep beard other than on medical grounds or for a short period towards fulfillment of specific religious rites and ceremonies after obtaining specific permission from the Commanding Officer. However, the period is not to exceed 30 days. The CO shall accord such permission after ascertaining the absolute necessity and compulsion.

Policy of Hair Beard and turbans in IAF

Personnel other than Sikh Personnel other than Sikh are to keep their hair neat and trim and shave the beard daily. Hair should not fall on the forehead when the cap is worn. The hair on the neck and around the ears should be well trimmed and not touch the ear lobe. The side locks should not extend below the upper half of the ear.

Moustache, if worn, is to be of moderate length and well kept and trimmed in a manner that the mouth and lips are not covered. While in uniform, the personal appearance of an individual should not give any religious bias. Tilak/Vibhuti on the forehead, trinket in the ear etc are not to be worn.  


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