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Friday, March 1, 2024

Important Sport terminologies for AFCAT Examination

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Important Sport terminologies for AFCAT Examination. The Questions related to sports terminologies and Sports Current affairs are asked frequently in AFCAT Exam. At least 2-3 questions are asked under this category. Important Sport terminologies for AFCAT Examination:

Name of Sport
Cricket All Rounder, Appeal, Ashes, Bails, Batsman, Bouncer, Bowler, Box, Caught Behind, Clean Bowled, Crease, Duck, Edge, Fielder, Innings, Leg before wicket (LBW), Maiden, Nets, Night Watchman, Over, Pad, Runout, Stumps, Test, Twenty Twenty Cricket, Wicket, Duckworth Lewis and Umpire
Field Hockey 16 yard hit, Centre Pass, Dangerous Play, Drag Flick, Obstruction, Penalty Corner, The D, Penalty Stroke, Push, Standard Hit, Sweep/Slap Hit, Scoop, Tackle, Shooting Circle, Offence, Free-hit, Flick, Junk, Drag, Dribble, Striker, Inner/link, Halves, Defenders, Goal Keeper and Stick.
Football Attacker, Back heel, Back pass, Ball Carrier, Bending the Ball, Bicycle Kick, Center Spot, Confederation, Corner Flag, Corner Kick, Cross, Defender, Direct Free kick, Dribble, Dummy Run, Far Post, FIFA, Soccer/Football, Foul, Free Kick, Futsal, Give and Go, Goal Area, Goal Kick, Goalkeeper, Header, Indirect Free Kick, Inswinger, Kick off, Man to Man Marking, Midfielder, Near post, Obstruction, Offside Trap, Offside, One Touch Pass, Out Swinger, Penalty Area, Penalty Spot, Penalty, Pitch, Red Card, Referee, Shot, Sliding Tackle, Through Pass, Thrown in, Toe Poke, Touch Line, Trapping the ball, Volley, Wingers, Yellow Card, Zone Defence.
Volleyball Pass, Set, Hit, Attack, Spike, Serve, Dig, Block, Stuff Block, Tool, Joust, Cover, Platform, Sprawl, Dive, Pancake, Free Ball, Down Ball, Roll Shot, Dump, Tip, Float Serve, Jump Serve, Float Serve, Ace, Under Hand Serve, Overpass, Rally, Side out, Approach, Arm Swing, Hitting Error, Kill, Sideline, End Line, Centre Line, 10ft (3m) line, Antenna/pin, Poles, Tight, Off, Inside, Outside, Deep, Short, Line, Cross Court, Let Serve, Angle, Press/Penetrate, Call the Ball, Substitution, Rotation Home, Base Defence, Serve Receive, Game/Set, Match and Libero
Basketball Assist, Backboard, Basket, Block, Bounce, Bounce Pass, Chest Pass, Draft, Dribble, Drive, Exceed, Foul, Free throw, Game Clock, Guarding, Hoop, Jump Shot, Jump Ball, Lay up, MVP, no-look pass, Overhead Pass, Open man, Overtime, Personal Foul, Possession, Press, Pushing Foul, Referee, Rebound, Set Shot, Slam Dunk, Snatch, Substitute, Technical Foul, Three-point line, Time out, Travelling, Turnover, Turkey, Underneath, Zebra and Zone Defence.
Tennis Racquet, Ball, Court, Net, Baseline, Service Box, Tramlines, Serve, Forehand, Backhand, Volley, Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, In, Out, Fault, Let, Ace, Points, Love, 15, 30, 40, Deuce, Advantage, Game, Set and Match
Table Tennis Service, Server, Receiver, Strike, Racket Hand, Freehand, Return of Service, Backspin, Backhand, Junk, Kill, Let, Lob, Drop shot and Down the line
Badminton Alley, Back Alley, Backcourt, Balk, Baseline, Carry, Center or Base Position, Centerline, Clear, Court, Drive, Drop, Fault, Flick, Forecourt, Hairpin Net Shot, Half Court Shot, Kill, Match, Net Shot, Push shot, Racquet, Rally, Serve or Service, Service Court, Short Service line, Shuttlecock, Smash and Wood shot
Boxing Bare Knuckle, Blocking, Bob and Wave, Bobbing, Bolo punch, Card, Carded Boxer, Check hook, Chin, Club Fighter, Counterpunch, cross counter, Liver shot, Long Cunt and Overhand punch.

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BlogsImportant Sport terminologies for AFCAT Examination
BlogsImportant Sport terminologies for AFCAT Examination
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