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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The “Big Five” Personality Traits You Should Develop For SSB

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The “Big Five” Personality Traits – Super Traits You Should Develop For SSB

Armed forces are not just a profession but it is a way of life. In this article, you will study about the “Super traits” about a Strong personality which will not only help you in SSB but also in your daily life.

No matter what, where you taking coaching, how much time you are spending there, who is teaching you. These Personality traits are something to be inculcated by yourself, no body can teach you other than you.

SSB is a selection procedure primarily based on Psychology testing. Being the first part of the basic principle on which the SSB testing is based – Manas, Vachan, Karma. Psychology part is first one to get tested. So read this article carefully and try to learn and implement it, because it doesn’t matter how much you read, how much you are implementing matters the most.

So Let’s have a glance on these traits. I will explain you one by one

1. Neuroticism 

It is a tendency to exist in a negative emotional state. A person with a high score of Neuroticism will respond poorly and negatively to stress. In armed forces there is no place for such candidates. We all have a tendency to see the negative side of a particular situation but what matters is how we are dealing with that situation like a pessimist, optimist or a realist ?

How to deal with negative effects of Neuroticism ?
  • Before you react, consciously ask yourself how you can look at something differently .
  • Give yourself daily affirmations such as “I am in control of my life, . It’s okay everything will be okay, things will be better tomorrow”
  • Believe that if other people can cope with their stressful lives, you can do it too.
2. Extraversion

It is one of the super traits of a personality. This dimension reflects where you direct your energies, and what you find rewarding. Studies shows that extraverts are more happier , they establish relationships faster and are easier to get along.

You can get an idea of your level of extraversion from the following questions

  • Do people think you are impulsive ?
  • Are you a doer rather than a thinker ?
  • Do you like to engage with people or joining activities ?

Extraverts tend to direct their energies outwards, towards people and outside world. They are expressive and impulsive. It’s not like Introverts are not effective but extraverts scores more. Suppose you are an officer in armed forces and you have to participate in a mulitlateral exercise where you have to meet your military counterparts. If you are an intravert than you will face difficulty in getting along with them. But if you are an exrtravert you will easily deal with such situations.

3. Agreeableness 

From the word “agree” you get the impression that this trait means you often agree with everyone and everything around. That description is pretty close but there is more to this super trait than that.

In Psychology, agreeableness measures your tendency to be kind, empathetic, trusting, cooperative, and sympathetic. It shows you how well you harmonize with society.

Why it is important ?
  • It results in better relationships.
  • You get into lesser arguments.
  • Harboring positive thoughts about people and situations greatly improves your well-being.

In Armed Forces,Suppose you are assigned to lead the mission. During planning the mission, a situation may arise where you have difference in opinions with fellow officers who are equally responsible to that mission. In that situation you will have to convince them or draw a agreeable conclusion.

4.  Conscientiousness

People high on conscientiousness are organized and dependable and tend to aim for achievement through self-discipline and planned rather than spontaneous behaviour. To be conscientiousness is to be organized, principled, responsible, and a forward thinker. People who score high on this dimension are not impulsive and they preserve when faced with challenges.

Facets of Conscientiousness 
  • Goal driven and high achievers. Loves challenge
  • Cautious and careful in all areas of their lives.
  • Knows how to manage conflict.
  • Honors contracts and delivers on promises.
5. Openness to Experience

Openness to experience is one of the super traits belonging to the big five model used to describe the major drivers of human personality. It is the measure of your emotional awareness, aesthetic sensitivity, intellectual curiosity etc.

Also, Awareness is quality which is must for armed forces, you should be aware of your changing surroundings and your emotional state.

Facets of Openness to Experience 
  • Aware of their own feeling
  • Creative Imagination
  • Tends to challenge authority and question traditional values.
  • Loves to play with debate and ideas.
  • Open to knowledge

To summarize, openness to experience distinguishes creative and imaginative individuals from conventional and more practical ones. It’s only meant you your inclinations

So lads, read more, interact more, Stay calm and just live your life to the fullest.

“Prepare yourself for life, it will cover up the preparation for your SSB”

I hope you like this article and you guys will “Improvise and Adapt”

Stay tuned to DDE for more

Jai Hind

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BlogsThe "Big Five" Personality Traits You Should Develop For SSB
BlogsThe "Big Five" Personality Traits You Should Develop For SSB
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