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Saturday, April 13, 2024

10 Ways To Deal With Failures In Life And SSB

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10 Ways To Deal With Failures In Life And SSB

Hello Readers,

This is my first work piece for DDE where I am gonna talk about an issue that each one of us faces at some point in life. We all have some targets which we want to achieve. For that, we train our mind in that direction and plan the things accordingly to let that happen.

Ultimately, our target is to succeed in life. But, what if that doesn’t happen?

What if things don’t happen as per your planning? If you are facing not just one, but a series of failures in life, what will you do then? What if the feeling of giving up dominates the desire to succeed in your mind?

Many of you must have gone through such phase (especially my Repeater Brothers). But the matter of concern is how to deal with this?

I am an Air Force brat and a defence aspirant. My journey towards defence started in 12th class in 2014 and for the next 2 years, I experienced several unexpected failures.

Must Know Points:
  • Unable to take NDA 2 2014 because of fictitious payment case.

  • Scoring 90+ in all subjects but 61 marks in Maths in CBSE 2015. And Maths happened to be my favourite subject.

  • Couldn’t qualify both the NDA wrote of 2015, followed by conference out from Army TES. In the meanwhile, my own section mate made it into NDA Army.

  • Couldn’t get shortlisted for Navy Tech just by 0.66% (2 marks).

  • In Jan 2016, got conference out again for Army TES.

  • Got shortlisted for Navy Tech and went to Visakhapatnam for SSB. But missed the opportunity as the train arrived late by 5 hours. Thus, I returned empty-handed.

  • Finally, qualified the NDA 1 2016 and went to Mysore for SSB. I performed my best there still, I got conference out again. But, good thing is that I qualified CPSS & PABT.  

So, from this journey of mine, the following things can be learned about dealing with failures in life: 

  1. Prepare yourself mentally to face failures at any point in your life because they will not come with prior notice.

  2. Whether it be an achievement or a failure, don’t let it fix in your mind for long. If you achieve something, enjoy it and move on. Similarly, if failure comes, feel sad and move on. “If you can keep the desire to SUCCEED, then you should also have the courage to FAIL.”

  3. “Acceptance of what has happened is the first step towards achieving success”. Even if you fail, accept it and move forward.

  4. Change your perception of failures and other aspects of life. I know it’s difficult but only difficult processes give the best outcomes. Don’t view them from a victim’s perception.

  5. Never compare yourself to anyone else whatever be the situation. Every person faces different situations and circumstances.

  6. Along with your prime goal, do have 1-2 backup plans and equally work on them as well.

  7. Throughout this journey, the things that never changed are my DETERMINATION and NEVER GIVE UP attitude. So, “Failures bring out your best-hidden traits”.

  8. Always have faith in the All Mighty. The Supreme Power always has some “blessings in disguise” for each one of us.

  9. Things will not happen as you want. They will happen as they are meant to happen. Therefore, sometimes it’s good to just believe in the process.

  10. Always remember that “Only those people face hardships who are capable of handling them”. Ultimately you are becoming mentally stronger by handling difficult life situations.

These are the ways through which I have overcome the fear of failure in life and I can surely say that now I have become a much-improved version of myself.

I am sure these tips will help all the readers.

Stay tuned to DDE for more content.

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Jai Hind


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Blogs10 Ways To Deal With Failures In Life And SSB
Blogs10 Ways To Deal With Failures In Life And SSB
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