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Monday, November 28, 2022

All You Should Know About CRPF

All You Should Know About CRPF

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The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is India's largest Central Armed Police Force of India. And like the BSF(Border security force), it also functions under the authority of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) of the Government of India. Whether we talk about Naxals, Maoist extremism or Militancy, this force has a very vital role to play. Here are some must known facts about the CRPF.


Central Reserve Police Force

  • Having about 235 battalions, this is the largest paramilitary force in the world.
  • CRPF came into being in 27th July 1939 under the banner of ‘Crown Representative Force’.
  • And then after the independence of India, under the CRPF act of 1949, it got the name, Central Reserve Police Force.
  • And above all, this is the force which has assisted Indian army in all the wars. Like in 1965, the Pakistani infantry brigade was not able to enter the Rann of Kutch area due to the repulsion by two CRPF brigades. They hold the enemy until the Indian army took over.

  • CRPF has its own IED School, Dog Training school, Counter Insurgency school, Jungle warfare school. Map reading school, Computer Training School and has two academies to train their Officers in Mt Abu and Gurgaon also.
  • At the time when the BSF and the ITBP were not there, this force was responsible for the security of Indian borders.
  • You all must have heard about the COBRA, the Commando Battalion for Resolute Action, the special force of CRPF. They are trained and qualified in Jungle warfare, Guerrilla Warfare and Counter-Insurgency also.
  • The Central Reserve Police Force also has three mahila (ladies) Battalions. At present these battalions are serving in active areas of Jammu and Kashmir, and North-Eastern states.
  • It is the most decorated police force in the country with 1 George cross, 1 Ashok Chakra, 3 Kirti Chakra, 1 Padma Shri, 1 via chakra, 16 Shourya Chakra, 196 PPMG, 1225 PMG and many more.

This is a premier border guarding force of India. Be it in wars, insurgency, Naxalism or in the conduction of fair elections, it has a major role.

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BlogsAll You Should Know About CRPF
BlogsAll You Should Know About CRPF


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