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Friday, December 2, 2022

Training punishments faced by cadets in the training academies

Training punishments faced by cadets in the training academies

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Indian army, the second largest army in the world is known for its quality training system and the punishments faced by the cadets also. We can say that the Indian army is the second name of discipline. But above all, these army punishments make the cadets more strong and brave in the service of the motherland. Discipline is given such priority in the army that a cadet has to follow every order of his senior.

It is rightly said about the training academies that they are the place where a boy is turned into a gentleman cadet. And that too with a perfect combination of knowledge, courage and discipline. It is in the army that they get punishment or "ragda" as they say it whenever they do something that is against the rule. Some of the most common training punishments are given below.

Indian army punishments

  • The passing of various drills in the academy is very important. If a cadet is not able to complete a drill, he may not be given liberty in the weekend. (liberty is the leave given to a cadet once a week in which one can go out of the academy).
  • Maharaja is one of the most famous punishments adopted by various military training institutions. In this, the cadet has to lift his body vertically by the support of only his head.
  • The punishment of running for 5 km or few rounds of parade grounds is very common in academies like NDA, AFA, INA and IMA. And why not to run with heavy weight like a backpack and gun.

  • Now some crawling on the small trench, wired from above is also common. And sometimes, the trench is even filled with mud making it really hard.
  • Frontrolls are very common in everyone's childhood. But making it hard with heavy weight on the back is another punishment there.
  • Crawling in cold water naked, especially in winter is another nightmare for the cadets.
  • Cadets never stop without reaching the destination. Well, this is because he may have to carry the heaviest batchmate for doing so.


Well, this is something that looks really scary but these are the little things that draw out the best of the personnel for the nation.

BlogsTraining punishments faced by cadets in the training academies
BlogsTraining punishments faced by cadets in the training academies


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