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Monday, November 28, 2022

All You Need To Know About LIMA Air Show Exhibitio

What is LIMA Air Show Exhibition?

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Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) is a maritime and aerospace exhibition that takes place in Langkawi, Malaysia. It is held every two years and the last event took place in 2017. LIMA is one of the most influential shows within the maritime and aerospace industries. It is one of the largest such exhibitions in Asia region. And most importantly, the main focus of this exhibition is on the defence industry. The exhibitors involved in the event exhibit their products inside the purpose-built Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre. The aerospace exhibitions also take place at the Langkawi International Airport. This exhibition is supported by the Malaysian government.

This exhibition began in 1991 with slightly over 100 exhibiting companies. Apart from the initial aim, it has now also expanded into maritime exhibitions. Talking about LIMA 2017, it attracted over 180000 visitors. And above all, there is an estimation of 10% more crowd in the exhibition in 2019. The Malaysian government and the ministry of defence and ministry of transport Malaysia is the co-organiser of this world-class event.

Indian participation in the exhibition 

Indian Air Force is participating in the Maritime Aero Expo for the first time. And above all, it is going to showcase its indigenously developed LCA fighter aircraft. The IAF team has already departed on 22 March from Air Force Station Kalaikunda for Langkawi via Myanmar. Due to this exhibition, the IAF will have an opportunity to interact with the Royal Malaysian Air Force. This will also foster a close relationship between the two services.

The IAF contingent that has left for the exhibition consists of two LCA Tejus, one C-130J and one IL-76 ac along with 27 officers, 42 air-warriors and 11 HAL personnel. In January, the Malaysian government already asked the Indian counterpart to send LCA Tejus to LIMA. And Malaysia has also a programme of buying up to 36 Tejus aircraft.

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BlogsAll You Need To Know About LIMA Air Show Exhibitio
BlogsAll You Need To Know About LIMA Air Show Exhibitio


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