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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Permanent Commission and Short Service Commission

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All you want to know about the Permanent Commission and Short Service Commission

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In today’s blog, we are going to discuss everything about the Permanent Commission and Short Commission in the Armed Forces.

Many times you have heard that Armed forces published a notification for Permanent Commission and Short Service Commission.

Now, what makes these types of Commission different from one another we will discuss as we advance further?

As an aspirant, you must know about the nature of the commission you are opting for.

Permanent Commission
  • A Permanent Commission in Armed Forces simply means service to the organization till the time you retire.
  • You get selected through a Permanent Commission entry will have the option to serve till the age of 60 years.
  • For Permanent Commission in Army, you must be a part of National Defence Academy Pune, Indian Military Academy Dehradun or Officers Training Academy Gaya.
  • In Permanent Commission, Officers have to serve for 20 years (if one has to avail pension) and then up to the age of superannuation.
  • The age of retirement depends upon the rank you hold.
  • If you are a Colonel or equivalent, you retire at an age of 54 years.
  • If you are above the rank of Colonel, you will automatically get an extension.
  • For the Chief of Army Staff, the retirement age is 62 years or the day when he completes three years as Chief.
  • An Officer who joined service through Permanent Commission has no chance to switch to Short Service Commission.
  • However, the Officer could opt for premature retirement giving valid reasons.
  • Following are the entries which give Permanent Commission:
  1. National Defence Academy
  2. 10+2 TES Entry
  3. Combined Defence Service Entry
  4. University Entry Scheme
  5. Technical Graduate Course
  6. Army Education Corps Entry
Short Service Commission
  • In Short Service Commission you basically join the Army and serve for the tenure of 10-14 years.
  • At the completion of 10 years you have many options, firstly to opt for Permanent Commission, secondly, opt out of service and opt for 4 years of the extension.
  • For SSC you basically have to compulsorily serve for 10 years.
  • In SSC maximum rank that can be reached is Brigadier.
  • After retirement from SSC, you are not entitled to avail facilities like ECHS, pensions and other facilities.
  • SSC is good for those who want to experience the disciplined Army lifestyle and later switch to other career options.
  • Following are the entries by which you can avail SSC:
  1. Short Service Commission (Non-Tech Men and Women)
  2. Short Service Commission (Tech Men and Women)
  3. NCC Entry (Men and Women)
  4. JAG Entry (Men and Women)

Hope the blog clears all your doubts about the Permanent Commission and Short Service Commission.

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BlogsPermanent Commission and Short Service Commission
BlogsPermanent Commission and Short Service Commission
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