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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Regiments granting Permanent Commission to women in Army

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Regiments granting Permanent Commission to women in Army


Hello folks, how are you doing?

As we all know there is good news for all the ladies looking for making her career in defence.

The good news is that the Indian Defence Forces are granting a Permanent Commission to the lady cadets as well.

In this particular blog, we are going to tell you about all the regiments of the Indian Army which are granting permanent commission to women.

On the other hand, there is no plan to induct them in combat arms like infantry, mechanized infantry, artillery and armoured corps.

Women officers who have been appointed in through the Short Service Commission will get the permanent commission if opted.

The selection will be transparent and like the one for male officers.

This judgement comes after four months after the government told the Supreme court that it was considering such a move.

Following are the branches that are granting Permanent Commission in Army


  1. Judge Advocate General:
  • Until now, it was the only branch which grants PC to women.
  • This branch is basically meant for providing legal help to the military in all aspects.
  • Also, JAG conducts the court-martial on military laws.
  1. Army Education Corps:
  • Along with JAG, this branch was also granting PC to women earlier.
  • This branch aims to improve the quality of education in all Army governed institutes including Sainik Schools, Army Public Schools.
  1. Corps of Signals:
  • The branch handles military communications.
  • It was formed on 15th February 1911.
  • The motto is “Teevra Chaukas”.
  1. Corps of Engineers:
  • It is one of the oldest arms of the Indian Army.
  • The regiment provides military mobility by constructing bridges, tracks and helipads.
  • They also lay minefields and demolition of bridges to the enemies concern.


  1. Army Aviation:
  • This is a separate Air Wing of the Army.
  • It provides logistics and battlefield support to infantry.
  • Also conducts the search and rescue operations.
  1. Army Air Defence:
  • The Regiment is responsible for the protection of Indian air space from foreign threats.
  • The Corps enjoyed autonomous status in the year 1994.
  • The motto is “Akashe Shatrun Jahi”.
  1. Electronics and Mechanical Engineers:
  • The Corps is responsible for responsibilities like design, development and trial of weapon systems and equipment.
  • Also provides technical advice to units.
  • The EME also continues to maintain the lifeline of Maitri permanent research station of Antartica.
  1. Army Service Corps:
  • It is the backbone of logistics to the Indian Army.
  • The regiments basically provision the ration, petroleum products, and air maintenance, mechanical and animal transport.
  • The motto is “Seva Asmakam Dharmaha”.
  1. Army Ordnance Corps:
  • The regiment in an active corps of the Indian Army.
  • It is responsible for providing material and logistical support to the Indian Army during war and peace.
  • The motto is “Sua Tela Tonanti”.
  1. Military Intelligence Corps:
  • The corps was set up in the year 1941 by British Indian Army.
  • The Corps is tasked to generate tactical or field intelligence in all countries bordering India.
  • The Corps work in close coordination with RAW and IB.

So good news is all these branches are granting PC to women.

For more blogs, Stay tuned to DDE.

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BlogsRegiments granting Permanent Commission to women in Army
BlogsRegiments granting Permanent Commission to women in Army
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