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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Interesting facts about DRDO ‘Combat drugs’

DRDO ‘Combat drugs’- All you need to know

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A large number of our soldiers succumb to injuries to lack of availability of first aid during the hour of need. DRDO's medical laboratory has come up with a range of 'combat casualty drugs' that can extend the golden hour till the trooper is shifted to hospital. This drug will not only help in reducing the no of casualties. In this post, we will look as to what the combat drugs are all about.

The researchers believe that the February 14 terror attack in Pulwama where 40 CRPF soldiers were killed, medicines could have brought down the death toll if provided at the right time. Chances of survival and minimum disability are highest when effective first aid care is given within the golden hour.

The range of these drugs are very vast includes bleeding wound sealants, super absorptive dressings and glycerinated salines, all of which can save lives in the event of warfare in the jungle and high altitude areas as well as in terror attacks. These medicines will ensure that our brave soldiers do not suffer from unwanted blood loss while being taken to better healthcare from war zones. It will also target the main battlefield emergencies that are excess bleeding, sepsis, shock, hypovolemia (decreased blood volume) and pain.

About the Drugs

Talking broadly about the medicine Glycerated saline has life-saving casualties capacities as it gives more time to the medical personnel to shift the wounded patient to a higher care facility. This drug will play a vital role to reduce the casualty rate. Special medicated dressing material is also fabricated which is 200 times more absorptive than standard dressings during bleeding wounds, antiseptics, antibiotics and curcumin can be impregnated in the gauze which acts as a slow drug release system and will take control over pain.

Chitosan gel which helps in preventing blood loss by forming a film over the wound is also made by the research team. The problem that occurs during jungle warfare is due to bacterial infection the team has taken care of that as well by developing range is hypochlorous acid (HOCL), a disinfectant for troopers involved in jungle warfare and to curb the pain Nalbuphine injection will be used during mutilating war injuries.

Our government has ordered to induct all the drugs into the paramilitary forces along with other forces so that our brave soldiers are saved during golden hours. This will boost the morale of the soldiers as well as they will be assured of the early and effective combat drugs availability.

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BlogsInteresting facts about DRDO ‘Combat drugs’
BlogsInteresting facts about DRDO ‘Combat drugs’


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