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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Reasons for selection of Mirage 2000 for Surgical Strike 2.0

Why Mirage 2000 for Air strike against pakistan?

Aspirants, not only India, but the President of USA Trump was also expecting something bigger from the side of India after the Pulwama attack. Previously, there was a belief that India is a Soft state. But this air strike had proven that India would no more afford to bleed 1000 cuts. Trump rightfully predicted this.

26 Feb 2019 became a day which will be remembered forever when after a long time i.e., after 1971, India crossed the LoC and dropped 1000Kg bombs on not only PoK but also in the Pakistani territory. This all happened right after 12 days after the Pulwama terror attack. India responded in the form of SURGICAL STRIKE 2.0
After Mirage 2000 crash in HAL, there were many contradictions and hatred in public towards the government, But today, that mirage 2000 made India blow its 56 inches chest. India has the best aircrafts such as SU-30, the MIG 29, Jaguars, etc., which are equally capable of conducting air strike and that too very accurately. But there were certain reasons why the Indian Air Force thaught to choose mirage 2000 over other air crafts.
We must be aware with the fact that when the 12 Mirage 2000 air crafts took off from Gwalior and Agra air base for the air strike across LoC, the SU-30 air crafts were kept in alert for the back up for the Mirages if the Pakistani Air Force retaliated the attack. But this was not required. Let us know the reasons for this that why Mirage 2000 were preferred over SU 30 for the air attack. But before this, let us know certain facts about the Mirage 2000.

The Mirage 2000

The Mirage 2000 which was manufactured by Dassault aviation is a multi-role aircraft which played a decisive role in the 1999 war of Kargil and helped India to achieve victory. This credit made this aircraft to be known as the deadliest aircraft of the Indian air force. The first Mirage 2000 entered the service in July 1984 thereafter forming the first operational squadron during the same year when the 50th anniversary of the French Air Force was celebrated. Thereafter, over a total of 583 Mirage 2000 jets were built over a course of 30 years out of which India procured 41 of them.



The Mirage 2000 comes with nine hardpoints for carrying weapon system payloads: Five on the fuselage and two on each wing. Each single-seat version is also armed with two internal mounted, high firing rate 30mm guns. Mirage 2000 is also capable of carrying a range of surface to surface missiles and weapons including the laser-guided Bombs.
Apart from India, the Mirage is used by 8 other countries, including France, Egypt, Peru, UAE, Taiwan, Greece and Brazil. It has an upgraded digital weapon delivery and navigation system(WDNS). This aircraft is also fitted with a TV/CT CLDP laser designated pod which provides the capability to fire the laser-guided weapons in day and night.

Now that we have read the adequate facts about the Mirage 2000 aircraft, there are certain facts about the SU 30 air crafts which makes it stand idol from all the other air crafts. Such as..
The Sukhoi Su-30 can go up to the top speed of Mach 2 (2120 kmph) and has a maximum takeoff weight of 38,800 kg. This jet can carry a wide range of equipment ie., from radars to missiles, bombs and event rockets. Recently, Indian air force test-fired the BrahMos from SU 30, which it self proved the capability of SU 30.

But, we all know the proverb that "the sword cannot do what a needle can do". Here, the main target of IAF was the terror camps but not the civilians. The most suitable aircraft for this operation was the Mirage 2000 which is comparatively swifter than SU-30 i.e., it has the max speed of Mach 2.2(2336 kmph) and can travel 1550km with drop tanks. This gives Mirage 2000 an advantage in a quick strike. This is the reason why the whole operation was conducted and accomplished within 24-25 mins. 


Of course, this is like a milestone achieved. But we cannot undermine the national security that too for a long period of time. In view of the fact that the enemy has a weapon of "terrorism" which is much more poisonous than a nuclear weapon and terror has no religion.



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BlogsReasons for selection of Mirage 2000 for Surgical Strike 2.0
BlogsReasons for selection of Mirage 2000 for Surgical Strike 2.0


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