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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

The Dogra Regiment of Indian Army

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The Dogra regiment of Indian Army

Hello aspirants,

In this post we will know about the Dogra regiment, motto and its creation and war fought along with medals and decorations. This post will help you prepare for the SSB interview.

  1. About Dogra regiment
  • The Dogra Regiment originated in 1877 is an infantry regiment of the Indian Army. The regiment traces its roots directly from the 17th Dogra Regiment of the British Indian Army.
  • When transferred to the Indian Army regiments, the numeral prefix, i.e. 17 was removed.

Motto-“Kartavyam Anvatma” (Duty before Death)

War Cry-“Jwala Mata Ki Jai” (Victory to Goddess Jwala)

  1. Pre-Independence
  • The 41st Dogras were an infantry regiment of the British Indian Army that traced its origins to 1900 when it was raised as the 41st (Dogra) Bengal Infantry.
  • After World War I, the Indian government reformed the army, moving from regiments with a single battalion to multi battalion regiments.
  • It dropped '17th' from its title in 1945 and was allocated to India upon its independence in 1947.
  1. Post-Independence
  • The Dogra Regiment has fixed class composition for recruitment e. 
  • 50% from Himachal Pradesh
  • 25% from of Jammu and Kashmir
  • 25% from Hoshiarpur, Nawanshahr, Gurdaspur, and Rupnagar districts of Punjab.
  • Men are willing to wear the olive green uniform in this area.
  • The 5th battalion fought in the Kargil Warto capture Tiger Hill, the 9th battalion, Dogra Regiment (9 Dogra) was responsible for the fall of  Pakistan Army's most fortified position in the country. 
  • This led to the ultimate liberation of East Pakistan and a victory for the Indian Army.
  • The regiment is awarded various decorations like Victoria Cross, military cross, and several medals and COAS commendation cards.


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BlogsThe Dogra Regiment of Indian Army
BlogsThe Dogra Regiment of Indian Army
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