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Sunday, April 14, 2024

How missiles and bullet destroy the target?

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How missiles and bullet destroy the target?

Hello aspirants,

Let me tell you how important this topic is for you guys. The president of 31SSB Kapurthala interviewed me. He asked me “tell me how bullet and missiles hit the desired target”? At that time I only had little knowledge and wasn’t able to satisfy him with my answer. I don’t want you guys to make such silly mistake in an interview as it plays a vital role in selection. So, in this post, I will tell you all about the topic in detail.

  1. What is a bullet?
  • It is highly mistaken by many that cartridge is a bullet, but that is not real friends.

  • The cartridge is the thing that is loaded into a rifle,the bullet is the part of a cartridge that fires out the end.


  1. How is bullet formed?
  • The bullet is formed of three parts namely- Primer, propellant(gun powder), bullet tip/core.

  • Primer- is like the trigger that starts the firework inside the bullet.

  • Propellant- this section take the majority of space in bullet formation and plays a vital role and might be "the main engine,".

  • This section contains gun powder(carbon, sulphur, potassium nitrate)which is a chemical explosive.

  • Its job is to power the bullet down the gun and through the air to the target.

  • The front tip is the actual bullet, a tapering metal cylinder that hits the target at high speed.


  1. How is a bullet fired?
  • When you pull the trigger of a gun or missile launcher, a spring mechanism hammers a metal firing pin into the back end of the cartridge, igniting the small explosive charge in the primer.

  • The primer then ignites the propellant—the main explosive that occupies about two-thirds of a typical cartridge's volume.

  • As the propellant chemicals burn, they generate lots of gas very quickly. The sudden, high pressure of the gas splits the bullet from the end of the cartridge, forcing it down the gun barrel at extremely high speed (300 m/s or 1000 ft/s is typical in a handgun).

  • It's only the bullet that fires from the gun; the rest of the cartridge stays where it is. It has to be ejected after firing (sometimes manually, sometimes automatically) to make way for the next cartridge—and the next shot.


  1. How bullet travel in the air?
  • Gun barrels have spiralling grooves cut into them that make bullets spin around very fast as they emerge.

  • When things are spinning, they are sturdy to deflect from their path. We call this idea gyroscopic inertia or stability little bit of technical stuff!

  • A bullet behaves in the same way: once it's spinning, it follows a straighter path as it goes through the air, so it's harder to deflect and much more likely to reach its target.

  • One of the major misconceptions is that people think of bullets flying in a perfectly straight line, but this is not the truth.

  • Several different forces act on a bullet as it goes through the air.


  • They follow a slight downward curve because gravity tugs them toward the ground as they go along.

  • Factors like the bullet's motion, gravity, air resistance, recoil, and spinning add together; they make a shell follow a very complicated corkscrew path as it flies through the air.


  1. The science behind the damage done by a bullet?
  • A moving object has momentum, which is the product of its mass and its velocity that means The faster something moves and the heavier it is, the more energy it has.

  • Even though bullets are tiny, they have lots of momentum because they go so fast.

  • And because they go fast, they also have vast amounts of kinetic energy, which they get from the chemical energy of the burning fuel.

  • Bullets do damage when they transfer their energy to the things they hit.

  • The faster something loses its momentum, the more force it generates.

  • This is how the bullet penetrates the target and have the capability to destroy it.

Hope This post will help you in understanding the working and propagation of the bullet and missile in the air. Stay tuned to DDE for more such exciting post.


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BlogsHow missiles and bullet destroy the target?
BlogsHow missiles and bullet destroy the target?
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