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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Motto of the 20 famous Arms and Services of the Indian Army

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Motto of the famous 20 Arms and Services of the Indian Army


How’s the Josh Warriors?


“Indian Army” 
  • When we utter these two words, our heads get down with respect and gratitude to their sacrifice and nobility. From the Icy Terrain of Himalayan Range to the Scorching Heat of Thar Desert, the Indian Army guard us as their family all day and night without complaining. 
  • The brave warriors have snatched victory from enemies with the help of our powerful, devotional and extremely talented Indian Army.
Here is a list of the “Motto of the 20 famous Arms and Services of the Indian Army” that will fill you with Patriotism :


01. The Corps of Army Air Defence

      Motto: “Kill the Enemy in the Sky”

02. The Army Medical Corps

      Motto: “Freedom from Sickness to All”

03. The Army Ordnance Corps

      Motto: “Strength through Weapons”

04. The Corps of Signals

      Motto: “Swift and Secure”

05. The Corps of Engineers

      Motto: “Everywhere”

06. The Mechanised Infantry Regiment

      Motto: “Valour and Faith”

07. The Regiment of Artillery

      Motto: “Everywhere with Honour and Glory”

08. The Brigade of the Guards

      Motto: “First always First”

09. The Grenadiers Regiment

      Motto: “Ever Powerful”

10. The Rajput Regiment

      Motto: “Victory Everywhere”

11. The Rajputana Rifles

     Motto: “The Brave shall Inherit the Earth”

12. The Gorkha Regiment

      Motto: “It is Better to die than Live like a Coward”

13. The Jat Regiment

      Motto: “Unity and Valour”

14. The Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry

      Motto: “Sacrifice is a Sign of the Brave”

15. The Jammu & Kashmir Rifles
      Motto: “Valour in Battle is Praiseworthy”
16. The Maratha Light Infantry

      Motto: “Duty, Honour and Courage”

17. The Bihar Regiment
       Motto: “Work is Worship”
18. The Kumaon Regiment

      Motto: “Valour Triumph”

19. The Dogra Regiment 
      Motto: “Duty before Death”
20. The Punjab Regiment
      Motto: “By Land and Sea”
⚔ Jai Hind ⚔
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BlogsMotto of the 20 famous Arms and Services of the Indian Army
BlogsMotto of the 20 famous Arms and Services of the Indian Army
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