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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Do you have ‘IT’ in you ?

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Do You Have ‘IT’ In You ?



Every defence aspirant seeks the answer to it but to answer this basically we need to first understand what is ‘IT’ here . 

What is it that the defence forces are demanding from us ?

“it” here is most importantly the 15 Officer like qualites that you might be aware of already . 

Permit us to break it down into simple terms for you.

Let us reveal the most important skills required to become an officer in defence forces of India
  • ​​​​​​​Effective intelligence – Basically it is the practical approach to life. Got any problem? try to solve it yourself , apply your own mind. Therefore be a seeker of solutions.
  • Reasoning Ability – Why you want to join defence forces ? why you choose a particular stream after 10th ? Why you choose a particular graduation field ? This is your ability to answer the ‘why’ questions.
  • Organizing ability – Ever paricipated in drama , skit , college fest ? This skill develops automatically when you participate .The managerial skill , organizing skill improves when you participate in or organize something .This is how you learn optimum utilization of resources .
  • Power of expression – All about communication skills. Most importantly you must have the ability to clearly express your ideas , plan and process.
  • social adaptability – Being a defence officer you are bound to meet new people , adjust in new places . GET UP ! SPEAK UP ! INTERACT !
  • Cooperation – cooperation is must for any organization to succeed .You are not alone in this , you have a team . Give ideas , take ideas . Speak and listen too .
  • Sense of responsibility – Always be ready to accept responsibilities.Not only at home , in society as well .Saw an old lady having difficulty in crossing road ? Help her ! saw a pregnant lady standing in metro ? Leave your seat , she needs it more than you! saw an accident on road ? stop being an onlooker , Help the victim !
No we are not done yet ! Few more to go .
  • Initiative – A difficult task at hand and no one is ready to take it ? Have confidence and take the challenge . Stop waiting for others to react . Get up and deal with it .
  • Self Confidence – You got a dream , go get it . Work towards it . Yes you can do it , you got the skills , its just practice that is needed . Practice will automatically boost your self confidence.
  • Speed of decision – Think like a company commander here . Basically he always has this responsibility to take quick decisions at short notice. But its not always about making decisions . He has a team behind  he needs to have a good foresight in order to lead the men behind him.
  • Influencing ability – Leaders believe in something. Therefore they influence themselves first that that something is possible and then by explaining strategies ,by sharing ideas, convince their team .
  • Liveliness – Only when you are active and cheerful you will be able to maintain liveliness of the room despite setbacks. Basically be an active participant.
  • Determination – You started this journey for a reason . what if you failed ? This is not the end , Remember that the one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.
  • Courage -Officers are always ready to take risks . Remember that a brave dies only once but a coward dies many times in his life.
  • Stamina-There must be a will to do and skill to perform . You can perform only when you maintain a good health and stay fit.

No one is born with these qualities , these are developed over time with patience,perseverance and grit . All the best  🙂 

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BlogsDo you have 'IT' in you ?
BlogsDo you have 'IT' in you ?
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