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Monday, November 28, 2022

Vignesh Kirthy – Recommended in first attempt

Vignesh Kirthy

Recommended in the first attempt from 2 AFSB Mysore

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Hello guys, I’m Vignesh Kirthy and today I’ll share my experience of getting recommended from 2 AFSB Mysore in my first attempt.

It all started on 6th August when I reached the Mysore Railway Station at around 6 in the morning. We were then taken to the AFSB and after a little form filling, we were allotted chest numbers. They were 317 of us who reported.
Then we were divided into groups and PPDT was conducted. The material by Defence Direct Education was quite helpful. We then had a group discussion and were sent off to lunch. After lunch, we assembled for results. I was screened in and I was happy. Still, I knew it was not over . 114 of us got screened in. I got a chest number of 26.
The same day, the psychological test was conducted. My psych test went pretty well.
We then had Group Tasks. Our GTO was pretty friendly and our group was pretty good. At the command task, the GTO continuously kept increasing the difficulty of the task. I kept my cool and kept trying with a cool mind. I finally completed the task and felt good. The rest of  Group Tasks went well.
Then I had my Personal Interview. My interview was with the president of the board and he was very friendly. The questions revolved around my friends,  parents, teachers and me. I could answer most of the questions pretty well.

Then on the day of the conference, we were all very eager for the day to end and for the results to be revealed. My conference went for approximately 1 minute and we all had to wait for another 5 hours for the rest of the conference to finish. After the conference, we assembled again for the results. Results were announced and 26 was called.
Guys, trust me it is the most heavenly feeling when you get recommended. Its all about being yourself and possessing the OLQ’s.

This is a picture at 12 SSB Bangalore where I went for my medicals.

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HeroesVignesh Kirthy - Recommended in first attempt
HeroesVignesh Kirthy - Recommended in first attempt


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