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Monday, November 28, 2022

Aditya Pandey – Recommended in 1st attempt

Aditya Pandey

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Recommended in First Attempt from 12 SSB Bangalore.

I’m Aditya Pandey and I’ve been recommended for NDA, the 141st course from 12 SSB, Bangalore. It was my first attempt.
Guys, most recommended candidates would advise you to ‘be yourself’, I couldn’t fathom that phrase until I got recommended myself . It simply means that you accept your shortcomings and imperfections as a person. I’ve myself made some mistakes during SSB and I think it was my response to those mistakes that got me my recommendation. You see, the SSB(s) don’t search for an ‘ideal’, a ‘perfect’ individual but rather for someone who accepts his/her imperfections with humility and a resolve to overcome that.

So guys, instead of trying to ‘not’ make mistakes, have the optimism and will to not commit the same mistake a second time because it is almost certain that you’ll make some or the other mistake during the SSB, that’s what they’re designed for – to reveal your shortcomings, your weakness.

For the psychological tests, it’s important to be able to write fastly in a decent enough handwriting…. WAT(s) and TAT(s) can easily be tracked in that way… For the SRT(s), one shouldn’t think to much, be in the moment, have presence of mind and if it seems impossible, search the most suitable way to solve the situation… Like this I attempted 12 TAT(s), 60 WAT(s) and 60 SRT(s)

I guess one must have enough knowledge of current affairs to be able to clear the interview… I was asked stuff about String of Pearls and India’s strategy for it, which, because I used to read newspapers, I knew
Also, in interview, being honest would help, instead of bluntly accepting your shortcomings showing a resolve to improve then would help

For the GTO tasks, I guess the most important thing is to have an understanding with the group that only a strong group can produce a strong leader, infighting amongst the group would probably be harmful for the whole group, again here, being very active in the group would help and is probably the key, help others when you’re out of ideas and be assertive enough to make them listen to your ideas when you finally have one… All

So, that sums up my SSB experience in a nutshell…

Lastly, be confident, be assertive, be humble, be a team person and don’t forget to enjoy your SSB days in the heck of all the tests, they’ll be some of the best moments in your life. All the best ☺️ .

I’d love to help you, do ping me @my_world_aditya in case you find me worthy enough to help you. It’d be a pleasure


HeroesAditya Pandey - Recommended in 1st attempt
HeroesAditya Pandey - Recommended in 1st attempt


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