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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Celebrating the Indian Navy Day, Reason why we celebrate the day

Celebrating the Indian Navy Day, Reason why we celebrate the day

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 Hello folks, wishing you all a very Happy 47th Indian Navy Day. The Indian Navy Day is observed every  year on 4th of December, it is a symbol of the Indian naval strength and is usually celebrated to commemorate its achievement and the crucial role it plays for the country.

The Indian Navy is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces that serve the purpose of securing the marine borders of the country as well as enhancing the international relations of India with other countries. The President of India is the supreme commander of the Indian Navy. The modern Indian Navy has got a speedy renovation in order to improve its dominance over the Indian Ocean. It presently includes 58,350 personnel, an aircraft carrier, a big transport dock, 15 frigates, 8 guided missile destroyer, 24 corvettes, 13 conventional submarines, 1 nuclear attack submarine, 30 patrol vessels, 7 mine countermeasures vessels. Talking about the inception of Indian Navy, the Maratha emperor, Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhosle of the 17th century is considered to be the “Father of the Indian Navy”.



Why we celebrate 4th December as the Navy Day:


The reason behind this goes back to the year 1971, when India fought its third war with arch rival Pakistan, for making East Pakistan a separate nation, which we know today as Bangladesh. As the war ensued, all the force that is the Army, the Navy and the Air Force came into action.

On 4th December 1971, a courageous attack was led by the Indian Navy at the Karachi Harbor port of Pakistan to avenge for all the martyrs of that war.  This operation led by the Indian navy is also often known as Operation Trident. It was the first time in this operation that the Indian Navy has used anti-ship missiles in combat.

The operation exactly took place at the night of 4th December and on 5th December. In this Operation Pakistan suffers a humongous damage of vessels on the other hand Indian side don’t have any damage. Pakistan lost a minesweeper, a destroyer, a cargo vessel and fuel storage tanks.

The Operation was also launched to forge the Bangladesh Liberation war and to affect the naval strength of Pakistan which could help India win war, and as a result India won the 71’ war. The Operation Trident was followed by another three day naval operation called ‘Operation Python’.

As a result of these operations, all Pakistan Armed forces were put on a high alert. The deployment raised a number of false alarms in the ensuing days about the presence of Indian Navy vessels off Karachi. This operation led the Pakistan Navy sabotaged and reduces its dominance in the ocean during the war.

With no casualties on the Indian side, this operation was considered to be  one of the most successful in the modern naval history post-World war II. To commemorate this victory over Pakistan we annually celebrate Navy Day on 4th December.


A number of gallantry awards were also given to Indian Navy personnel’s after this great success, Then fleet officer, Captain (later Vice Admiral) Gulab Mohanlal Hiranandani, was awarded Nau Sena Medal for the operational planning. The Mahavir Chakra was awarded to strike commander Yadav for planning and leading the task force and Vir Chakra were awarded to Lt. Commanders Bahadur Nariman Kavina, Inderjit Sharma and O.P. Mehta, the Commanding Officers of INS Nipat, INS Nirghat and INS Veer. The Admiral of the navy during these operations was Admiral S.M. Nanda.


So lads hope this blog will help you in future and add up to your knowledge as well, and once again a very Happy Navy Day, we should be proud to have a courageous and calm Navy.

BlogsCelebrating the Indian Navy Day, Reason why we celebrate the day
BlogsCelebrating the Indian Navy Day, Reason why we celebrate the day


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