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Monday, November 28, 2022

Shaswat Tiwari – 18 SSB Allahabad

Shaswat Tiwari – 18 SSB Allahabad

recommended in 5th Attempt

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Hey guys, i am shaswat tiwari. I was recently recommended from 18 SSB allahabad for NDA 141 in my 5th attempt. It all started in august 2017 , when i appeared for my first ssb which was for NDA 139 in 4 AFSB varanasi. Unfortunately, i was conferenced out there. Then a spell of failures followed. I was screened out from TES  and 10+2 navy b. tech. . I was again conferenced out from 4 AFSB varanasi. But it didn’t put me down, i kept myself motivated and appeared for the NDA 141 written exam and cleared that with ease. Thereafter, i got my ssb callup from 18 SSB allahabad. We had to report on 1st September 2018 and our screening process started on 2nd September. Out of the total batch of 78 candidates, 58 reported for the screening tests.


2nd September – The day of screening

So, the screening part was quite easy this time. I attempted all questions in OIR tests, and according to me i had done all but one correctly. For the ppdt part, it was fairly easy as well. We were shown a hazy picture in which i perceived that two characters were discussing something and the third one was behind these two and listening to their conversation. I made my story around the plot and was able to complete my story on time and prepared myself for the discussion.  the individual narration was smooth and in the GD i put some constructive points. Also, my story was selected as the group story. After few minutes, the results were out and out of 58 candidates, 35 were screened in. I was alloted chest number 34. So, i was in the 4th group, which had chest numbers from 28 to 35.


3rd September – Psychological Tests

For me the psychological part was a  cake walk. i had written good stories around the pictures provided to us in TAT. WAR was simple also. i was able to write meaningful sentences on almost all the  words. I SRT i attempted 42 SRTs. i focused more on quality than quantity. SD was fairly simple too. Just give a thought about what you are going to write before jotting down anything coming to my GTO my gd was good. i gave 3 to 4 good points in both the discussions. in Gpe i formulated my plan but i wasn’t able to give points in the gd. In GOR i assured that i kept full josh. I cried out the war cry at the highest volume possible and helped my group members to cross various obstacles. In pgt i gave constructive ideas and always tried to execute the ideas given by my group mates.

HGT was quite simple and i gave my idea and the group easily crossed the finish line with that. In Lecturette i spoke smoothly for the alloted 3 minutes and gave good points on my topic which was terrorism in J & K. individual obstacles was easy as well. i only managed to do 9 because the GTO ground was very slurry. i was called as a subordinate 2 times by my fellow group mates and i was easily able to do the command task alloted to me. FGT was a piece of cake too.


So coming to my interview

it lasted for about an hour. The questions which he asked generally comprised of life like about my educational background and friends and family. He asked some questions related to Geography which i was unable to answer. So, i told my interviewer that i am not that good in geography. Rest of the interview went good. I answered all of his rapid fire questions in the correct order and always maintained a smile on my face while answering his questions.


Conference on 6 sep 2018.

I was a bit nervous because this was my last attempt for NDA exam but at the same time i was also confident about my performance. So after the opening address of Dep. President,one by one all the candidates were called in the conference room. As i was the 34th of the 35 candidates screened in,it was a long and anxious wait for me. When chest number 33 left, i had to wait for around 10 minutes for my chance to come. i went into the conference hall, confidently greeted the officers present there and answered all the questions asked by them maintaining a smile on my face After the conference was over, all the candidates were called back to the hall where the Dep. Prez came and gave his closing address and said that only 4 candidates were recommended. He started announcing chest numbers of recommended candidates one by one randomly. He called che chest number 27 first, then 10,took a small break which felt like ages for me and announced my chest number that was 34. I breathed a sigh of relief and went there and shook hands with him and told him my roll. number and Name. He congratulated all the recommend candidates for their success

HeroesShaswat Tiwari - 18 SSB Allahabad
HeroesShaswat Tiwari - 18 SSB Allahabad


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