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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Follow these 5 tips to score high marks in NDA exam

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You are going to appear for one of the most toughest and challenging exams in India i.e NDA exam. So now is the time to boost up your pace of preparation to the maximum and score high marks NDA exam.

Here are 5 quick tips for you to score high marks in the NDA 2023 exam:

TIP 1: Time management Managing your time over the next three months is the most crucial thing that you need to focus on. Moreover, without time management no magic is going to help you reach your goals. In order to do so follow a schedule, make a plan and practice to follow it every day.

tips to score high marks in nda exam
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TIP 2: Know your syllabus in DETAIL To get through an exam with a good score, you need to know your syllabus well. Once you know your syllabus well, mark the topics which have more weightage. This will help you decide how much time to spend on each topic. In reality, you cannot cover 100% of the syllabus, but focus on the important topics and be thorough with it.

TIP 3: Plan/Schedule/Strategize Always remember- “you need to work smarter in addition to working hard”. Strategize as to how you’re going to cover that syllabus over a period of just two months. Make a timetable. Set your daily goals. Set your weekly goals. Also, your monthly goals. Accomplishing your task every single day will encourage you for the next day and so will you reach your weekly goals and hence the monthly goals.

TIP 4: Revise and practice previous year question papers Finish your preparations well in advance. Plan your studies in such a way that you leave whole 2 weeks for the revision and practicing of previous year question papers. This will help you boost up your confidence for the main exam and will also give you a feeling that you’re ready to hit the exam!

Tip 5: Stay Healthy Staying healthy during the exam time as well as during preparations is very crucial. You don’t want to waste your time unnecessarily by falling sick. Eat home-made food and as summers are approaching keep yourself hydrated all the time!!!

ALL THE BEST ASPIRANTS. Let your dreams be a reality, so work hard and don’t give up.

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BlogsFollow these 5 tips to score high marks in NDA exam
BlogsFollow these 5 tips to score high marks in NDA exam


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