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Saturday, June 15, 2024

How Do Vessels Of The Indian Navy Get Their Name?

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How Do Vessels Of The Indian Navy Get Their Name?

This question has been asked in SSB quite often that how vessels in the navy gets their name. What does that INS signifies and why some vessels are named after cities or states whereas some are named after animals, geographical or historical features.

If you are a Navy aspirant than you must know about this nomenclature of the Indian Naval Vessels. 

So Let’s start

The names of Ships and Submarines of Indian Navy are selected by Internal Nomenclature Committee at the Ministry of Defence. This committee is headed by Assistant cheif of naval staff and has representatives from the historical section of the defence ministry, Department of Archaeology in the ministry of HRD and the Ministry of Surface transport among others.

As per the guidelines of the policy the recommendations of this committee are approved by Navy Cheif. Names Crest and Mottos are of War vessels are approved by the president as well.

Naval vessels are preceeded with INS which stands for Indian Naval Ship and follow a different pattern of naming different vessels.

Following are some examples

  • Destroyers are named after cities like INS Delhi, INS Mysore, INS Mumbai etc.
  • Frigates- The Talwar class is named after weapons like INS Talwar, INS Trishul etc., Also, INS Nilgiri is named after Mountains.
  • Landing Craft – Named mainly after animals like INS Cheetah.
  • Corvettes- These are named after some qualities which one can possess like INS Veer, INS Ajay, INS Abhay etc., Also there is INS Khukri which gets its name after a weapon.
  • Minesweepers get back to cities. INS Pondicherry, INS Kozhikode etc.
  • Submarines – The kilo class start with “Sindhu”. Eg Sindhughosh, Sindhuvijay, Sindhuvir etc. and The Shishumar class starts with “Sh”

Also, no two ships can have the same name  be it naval ship or merchant ship.

So when Russian Navy’s Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier was bought by India in 2004, the Internal Nomenclature Committee received proposals for various name-VishaantVishwavijayiVishaalVikraalVaibhavVishwajeetViddhwanshVeerendra and Visrujant. The Shipping Ministry informed the committee that a merchant ship had already been allotted the name Vishwa-Vijay. The committee then deliberated upon the options and unanimously chose Vikramaditya, which means the Sun of Prowess, as a name that befits a large aircraft carrier.

So this was it 

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BlogsHow Do Vessels Of The Indian Navy Get Their Name?
BlogsHow Do Vessels Of The Indian Navy Get Their Name?
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